Unable to find the EU servers in the server list?

Hi Guys,

I can see the NA server no worries. Not logged in there yet with 5.0.

I am interested in the pve only EU server but I can’t find it in the server list?

I have never looked for the pvpve EU server before, but I can’t see that either.

Any thoughts?


Might be the ping. Everything over 300 is not shown in list.
Did you filter for “HWS”?

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It is running at least :slight_smile:

Could be because of the ping?!

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Ahhh, I didn;t know about the 300ms rule. It could be that. i run over 200 to the NA server.

Is there any other way to connect, or make them show in the list?

I’m quite familiar with poor ping being in the Southern Hemi. :slight_smile: