Unable to log in after faction change in Sanctuary


I was in Sanctuary on Concordia III and flipped my faction to UMC which kicked me off the planet (about 15k out) and I died in space. I tried to spawn up a small cheap SV to get ‘safe’ but I couldn’t log back in after the game froze. It stays on the Loading screen.

Another observed oddity was my Rheah SV docked in my CV had it’s core placed about four blocks above the ship, separated from the ship. Also, there is a hangar bay door floating behind it about 5 blocks distance. Funky monkey!

Would someone be able to help me log back in?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Please be a bit more accurate about your coordinates :joy:

I warp you back to a “Normal” Place.
sorry that it took me so long.
You can login again

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Oops, sorry about that - will do next time! Thanks for the help Jascha :slight_smile: