Unable to post tickets

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Juggoire is unable to post tickets for issues
Player(s) with issue: Juggoire
Server: EU HWS
Time (cb:time): Since RexXxuss decided he wasn’t allowed to post (without warning, apparently)
Playfield: N/A
Structure Name(s): N/A
Structure ID(s): N/A
How can we help you now: I’ll quote my other half: “By not being so sensitive to people who disagree - thanks”
(I think he’s trying to ask politely for a removal of the restrictions on both here and Discord)

He can disagree, the manner in which he does so is appalling. If this was my server I would have permanently banned him after his last ‘disagreement’. Try using the words please and thank you. Try not being so snide in your remarks for example (without warning apparently) is a snide remark.

Try this instead, Rex could you please lift my ban so that I am able to post tickets for issues? Thank you in advance.

Easy, Give it a go. And if that doesn’t work post the ticket for him so the issue can be sorted while his ban is active.


Of course, you’re allowed your opinion, Snowman - as should he, surely? And I’ve yet to see what is, I believe, a professionally run forum ever banning for what could or could not be ‘snide’ remarks.

Out and out defiance of the rules should be met with a warning, surely? But somehow this all feels a little more ‘personal’ due to earlier disagreements.

He may be wrong, but I get the feeling that’s what is troubling him the most.

As for banning permanently? This is speaking from my own view point here (not Juggoire’s), but that does seem to be a little personal as well. Indulge me and answer this: What rules would he have broken to have warranted that level of response? If the ‘tone’ of a post is enough to warrant a permanent ban, I’ve a feeling Juggoire would be quite a way back in the queue.

Either way, I’m sure he’d happy to discuss this further with you, if you’d like - but not in a ticket thread: this really should be for responses from the owner/admins.

Thank you in advance.

Also, his main reason for wanting the ability to post back is to talk to Jascha about EAH on his Experimental server. He’s already steering clear of what he sees being discussed in the other areas of these forums.

You still don’t get the point. Manners get you a long way. You need to use them and stop attacking people by what YOU think should happen. Life doesn’t work that way, and maybe you don’t think it doesn’t but the words you use and the way you use them give everyone the impression that you do.

Your first sentence make me feel like you a an expert of professionally run servers and language. But your not, so in reality it make me feel like you are trying to put me down with your self inflated opinion.

Your reply about snide remarks is done with a snide remark therefore you either have not understood me, have chosen to ignore me due to some slight you have against what has been done to you, or just like the sound of your own voice.

Go read the guide under HWS rules no.3. While I seems to state in game chat I would assume that it would apply to the discord and the forum as its all meant to be tied together, hence why there is a pvp chat area in the discord channel.

The thread is posted on the forum for all to see and have input in, it is not for admins solely. Anyone can reply as they wish.

Maybe a solid think before you reply because I don’t have time to allow you to talk down to me. I hope you have a nice day and your problem gets seen too soon.

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Hello @JoJoWilko, the better half of Juggoire,

Your husband / friend has revoked his rights to participate in the HWS Community outside the game for now.
Snowman said already very correct reasons and he is kind of new to HWS even, he should think about his image.

Over the last 1+ year I warned him multiple times that his disrespectful, his arrogant and ignorant nature against me, is what cause him the situation he is in now.
Only in his recent message to me he finds it so laughable how I act and would laugh even more about the explanation, why he got banned from the HWS Discord server and Forum. I would never come up with such a shameful and arrogant response to an Owner of a server, where I spent 1861 playhours already.

If he does not know which rule he broke, it even more shows his overall manner / true colors and what it means to be respectful to other humans.
Every time he sees a chance to insult or attack me, he participates.
I don’t even count all the snide he did ingame or other Discord Servers, where I just had to overlook it.

There is nothing worse for me, than a player, constantly being toxic towards me. Feedback, is fine. The way he gives feedback, is not fine. To disagree with me, is fine. The way he disagrees with me, is not fine.
Am I sensitive? Well, if you spend almost 20000 hours by now in everything here but still want to improve by constructive and well thought feedback, then I take my “job” just damn serious. There is nothing more satisfying for me, than to see 1000+ players enjoying their time.
The other way around, if he thinks “I poorly run HWS”, “be a bad admin”, “not runnings things professionally” and “overall do shit” etc., then get the fuck out of here anyways!
To behave like he does but still enjoys his time here and hang out with his friends (or in cover of his friends) is a no-go. It’s abusing my hard work and friendliness.

And again, looking to other instances I am shocked he didn’t realized my politeness and patience with him - because this “friends” worked for him.

If this is now laughable to him again (which I will see in your response and his future actions), if his pride and ignorance is too strong again to listen and understand these words, then he will also deal with the consequences ultimately. A very honest advice!

EAH is a lame excuse, cause he can contact Jascha directly in Discord or in the proper official forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/dedicated-server-empyrion-admin-helper-eah.50/

He said he didn’t care but if he wants to participate in our Forum in general or in Discord ever again, then he should work on his attitude towards me. I will observe him and give him an absolute last chance in the next season - if he fails again, nobody can help him anymore.

I hope my long time here for him wasn’t wasted - again.


Thanks for the response - he can read it and understands why you’d feel the way you do. His only confusion is, regardless of the tone of his posts, his main priority has been to see ‘fair play’ in all aspects of HWS and his frustration has been seeing it eroded.

I’ve read through a lot of what he posted and (obviously) understand him a little better than most, try to understand he tends to be blunt when he’s backed in to a corner - his original questions are generally for clarification and/or to help out (please, read back through what he has been posting, before things derailed in to nonsense). Too many players here bring their losses (the “fair” losses) on to these forums and use these pages as a way of seeking some retribution for that.

I appreciate he can be blunt (and often over-steps), but I also know he is ultimately fair.

Your time is never wasted, Rex - he knows that the server is an amazing feat with many unsung heroes working to contribute to it’s success. He also knows that, with some of the decisions being made, you’re alienating some of your long-term player base - and he’s clearly worried about this.

For me, it’s just been fun playing on NA and I try very hard not to get involved in the cycle of ‘trolling’ that appears here - I’ve actually made some surprising friends over there - even after some great fights (wins and losses) - it started off rough, but I’ve a feeling AAA are slowly winning over a few players on there. I’d like to believe the same principle could be applied here - I know he can be hot-headed, but ultimately he’s seeking what’s best for the server.

Also, I’ll point him in the direction of the Empyrion forums - seems he missed that section, even whilst posting Experimental bug reports to Eleon! (I think the HWS area is the first one that appears in a Google search, but I’ll let him know).

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