Unable to promote in faction

I have tried every time I’m online (as faction owner) to promote members to admin, currently there are no one of that rank.

Any help would be great, as i am moving next week and will be unable to log in for a while. Thanks


checked your profile on NA server and you should be able to do it hm… who you wanted to promote?

I found the solution to this a while ago.

You need to be in the same playfield as the person to promote them. So if you’re the leader and on say Mars, the person you want to promote must also be on Mars (and near you, I believe)

I wouldn’t mind having all my members admin rank, but if i have to choose, i would like jiroh and rezzy beans or jelloburger. Jiroh is the bounty contact coordinator, so definately him.

As for same playfield, i believe we were all together when i tried, but i will try again when i get home in 6 hours.

Update: same Playfield worked, thanks

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No worries fam.