Unable to spawn HV lvl 3 and SV lvl 5 in Starter planet

Is there a new rule that prevents vehicles from spawning in starter planet? did I miss something? Just can t spawn very simple vehicles in Hunter starter planet, far from HWS’s POIs (Information Center and Cryogenic facility or something). Something new? Global or HWS?

Thanks for a word.

Zen o

When you try to spawn a blueprint in a place that’s not allowed it generally gives you a reason in the top right of your screen next to the map. What does that message say?

That s what I found strange and could indicate an error, I could not c any message. I ll try again (the problem is high risk of dying before reaching a “spawnable area” away from Info Center LOL, but I ll try…).

So when you try to spawn it it just gives you a red box?

Yep, that s it.

BTW, one is a donator immediate spawn HV, the SV was constructed in factory.

Do you have any other hv’s/sv’s on the planet? Can you post a screenshot of what’s happening?

Nope, nothing actually. A HV (ladybug miner) was wiped earlier today.

Without a screenshot I don’t really know what else to say. You can just do a printscreen and put in in paint and copy paste it here pretty easily.

OK. Now I m stuck, poisoned, beasts around, going to die etc (this planet is, u know, impossible!!!). Whwnever I can I ll do it lol

I had similar problem 2 days ago. Tried to spawn a small space ba repair block in penthouse south orbit. Red box, no message. Moved to different areas - no go. Spawned it on kratos ok. But useless there - just a test. Have spawned this in space in the past pre-6.0

You arent allowed to spawn bases on penthouse planet. Thats kinda the idea…

No, not on the penthouse planet. In ORBIT where penthouse planet and donator planets are located, as stated in my post above. Kratos is my factions donator planet - eu server.

I have found no stated restrictions regarding spawns in orbit there. This is another problem.

Please withhold your smart a$$ responses. Already extremely frustrated with eleons bugs and other aspects. Your response adds no value.

Ok I get that you are upset, but keep in mind here that there are two penthouses. One in north orbit, and one in south orbit, the two donator systems. So saying:[quote=“SwissSteel1, post:11, topic:5892”]
Tried to spawn a small space ba repair block in penthouse south orbit.

Instead of just saying in space could very easily be construed as you trying to spawn it on the southern penthouse planet.
Maybe take a step back and think about your response before lashing out at people trying to provide you with help or information.

Fair enough.

Other than a few hours on day one post 6.0 - the experience so far has been one frustration fest after another.

Now our planet seems to be bugged - and some members cant connect. Not whining and i know the team is working hard - excessively so. For that they have my utmost respect. Still, its frustrating.

Correction - now appears no one who logged out on kratos can reconnect.

Even more for us - trust me.

On my part the problem is solved. Actually, it s possible it was my own mishandling of the non-building area around POI (HWS Info Center). Anyway, if it was a new-system bug, it s over.

BTW, great job HWS Team!

It must be really hard to handle all issues arising after 6.0 and so many people, including new players, entering the game/servers and asking questions and posting on Forum. Issues are likely and I see it as normal tha there are things to fix - though sometimes I see complains that sound like “why you doing so bad? I have rights!”.

It’s a great game and what HWS is doing is fantastic. If people complain it’s because precisely they are craving to enter the servers and adopt HWS. And besides meeting the challenge of managing this structure, you keep the usual courtesy. Congrats!

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