Unable to untilize donator command

Hello, I donated yesterday, However, I am unable to use donator commands.

in game username: umbrellacore
server: HWS NA

How long have you played on the server?

You only gain access to use 1/10 of the donation bonuses, Instant BP Completion or Supply Package per 10 hours played on the server.

If you’ve played >10 hours then you should be able to use at least one instance of each command.

Thanks for such a prompt reply, I don’t think I have 10 game hours yet, is there a command to check that?

I’m not certain if you can check it in game.

The way I check is to use the connection tool provided by the server: https://empyrion-homeworld.net/hws-connect.php

When you log into the connection tool you’ll be able to view your player profile that includes your time played and specifically shows the availability of donor perks (IE: Shows that you have a Quick BP Finish or resource pack ready to be used based on hours played).

Thanks this is extremely helpful. I need about 4 more hours of playtime, then I will try the donor command again. I will keep you posted.

Excellent support btw.

Welcome to the server and…

do:? Provides you with useful information regarding donation features.
do:info Displays your donation info and packages left.
do:re Uses a resource package.
do:bp Allows you to instantly spawn the blueprint that is currently in production.


I have a similar issue. I donated a couple days ago but my donator command do:? wasn’t working as of yesterday. I’ve been playing for close to 100 hours in HWS EU now.

Username: [JDH] J_Mann

Ok, it has been 10 hours of playtime now, however the donator commands are still not working for me.

Hey Umbrellacore! This is a known issue and it will be fixed soon.

Ok, thanks

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