Unable to use Stargate System

What happened: Unable to use Supergate
Player(s) with issue: WreckinCrew
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 952pm
Playfield: Any supergate
Structure Name(s): WreckinCrew (player)
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: I visited the EU server last night. Logged upon return. Today, I am able to use Warp System, however, I am unable to use the Supergate in any playfield. Each time I use it, I get a message stating “sorry your player is located on another server. Chatbox is unavailable until then”

What is the best course of action to take to fix this issue? My ship is currently on NA Cross-server playfield

You have to warp back over CSW from the other server. You can’t just login on your old server.

I am on EU server. Neither server will allow me to use the Chatbox

hm I dont get it.

wehn did you do CSW the last time? I don’t see anything on either server

I was on EU yesterday approx 1130ish server time. I logged on at approx 730am server time (Germany ) and I was in NA faction planet space. I’ve been moving around since then. Just cant use supergates or chatbox

But did you ever use CSW:Start?

I was a passenger yesterday

Right now, my character is on the EU in cross server space floating

ah ok… oh I hope there is no problem with a passenger. Ok I will enable chatbot on EU again and check the code. Sorry for that.

Thanks! Not your fault Jascha. Things happen.

But did you CSW back from NA? (even if just as a passenger)?

Yes. Then I logged upon return because I had to get to work.

ah ok. Should I warp you somewhere?

My ship is in NA Cross Server warp - STEALTH.
I am in EU cross server hoping to correct the problem I can’t use the chatbox to put in the command. So, I guess sending me back to NA so it recognizes me is best.

OK If your current character is on EU and all is right, then just do CSW:Starts Shipless (see CSW:? for exact writing).
Then unstealth your ship on NA and CSW back

But if I see it right your current character is on Na

I just put in the command for start:shipless:na I am loggin into NA

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I seem to be ok at the moment. MANY MANY THANKS!!!

No problem. Glad it worked. Ill check that function asap.

Only 1 small problem…

I had picked up my credits (approximate 12.8M and had it in my ATM.
Now, it is not there and I didn’t make a deposit. (it was from credits I earned end of last season)