Unable to Warp

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What happened: Unable to warp out of Draconis playfield. Attempting to warp consumes pentaxid from warp tank and disconnects me from the server, but my player and my ship do not move playfeilds. On reconnect my ship is several hundred meters away, still in draconis.
Player(s) with issue: Cardboard Jack
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 3:52PM PT now, been doing it since 11PM-ish last night
Playfield: Draconis
Structure Name(s): Cardboard R
Structure ID(s): 11046027
How can we help you now: If it’s something on my end let me know?

Not an admin but first suggestion is try to get in and head to deep deep space. That system is PVP.

As you log in to do that check your Ping on the browser then again while in game. Is it over 200? Could be an issue. Likely it is something on the server end but I would try to get your stuff safe anyhow. Rex is likely to replace any loss if you loose it due to server issue.

Never hurts to check your Internet speeds to make sure it is running as it should. I use SpeedTest.net.

It is only the CV Cardboard R that has the issue, all other ships warp fine

Uh, that is more than weird then… new to me and have to investigate. Thanks for the report

Now on day 3, the Cardboard R still fails to warp and disconnects me from the server when I try.

This is my main PVP ship, been a quiet couple of days for me :frowning: , I guess I can spawn another in, but I am hoping there is a better fix

Spawned in a new copy of the ship, it will not warp either. All of my old ships still warp fine, but my 2 PVP ships won’t move.

Edit: Had a faction member try, same problem: No warp and disconnected from server

I am out of ideas, I even spawned a new BP and it won’t work. I can’t fly my own ships right now, that is rough stuff. Let me know if you need me online to test this if you have time, no point in hanging around Draconis not playing the game haha.

Hey, can you send us the blueprint via pm the?
Then we can check it and send it to the devs to fix.

PM’d to Jascha

Sidenote: The ships warp fine in singleplayer, the issue seems to be on HWS only

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Thanks ill test that tomorrow.

Another night trapped in Draconis :frowning:

Seriously though, thanks for all the work you guys do, I appreciate it.

:astonished: sorry i missed the part that you are also stuck there completly.
I cgeck thst tonight when im back.
Where can i warp you and your cv then?

Just the two ships mentioned are stuck, I am free to warp in my other CV/SV

I get the same Error, which is good for reproduction… I will check that in a few hours. Have to do something quick.

I’m not crazy! :smiley:

Also, with the incoming ship Class Limit changes this problem has become a lot less critical for me

Ok I will make some more tests now.

Thank you a lot.
I checked it and its definetley the ship. Even local this ship has problems. Devs need to fix that. Let us know if we should do something with that ship until then.
(I might have renamed the ship incase I deleted the wrong copy. “Jaschas Test”, so you could rename it again)

Was due for a redesign to Class 3 (Hopefully the new CV limit) anyways.

Would it be possible to get the two ships recycled into my OCD since they are bugged? They are Alien cored and I only have level 1 recycle (For now). If it is possible, IDs: 21403119 and 19877069

Thanks for the help either way :slight_smile:

Recycle is difficult if you don’t do it. I could warp them for you in a recycle zone if you want. But you would have to do it. (i can upgrade your recycle then shortly to 5).
Just pm me when you get online.

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