Underground turrets. Finally yes... or no?

Hey guys,

so after a lot of issues with underground turrets of a lot of people we finally decided to allow them… or not? :wink:
Please participate and bring valid points FOR it or AGAINST it.

Some notes from us:


  1. underground turrets can beat any underground base
  2. underground SVs can beat any underground base
  3. digging bases out is too easy and not cool for the builder. Even if it is PvP there most be a valid point to survive


  1. just dig a good area around your underground base by yourself and build turrets there
  2. people get accidently shot (but you can see the base 500m before… so maybe you wanted to raid them anyways)
  3. ammo draining will come into play more often

So the stage is yours…


I like you’re original upside down idea.

The problem as laid out in another post was that turrets that were in the ground or had some overlap with terrain ignored the terrain thus becoming god like. There are good reasons to build underground but if the core mechanic here is that turrets underground arent working as intended then thats something to take up with the devs.

The other issue is the ability to spawn things immediately. No matter what, right now I can get close enough for my base to be devastating, dig a hole, spawn my base then dig it out so it destroys your base. This negates the fact that in normal ways you would never be able to build a super base next to mine as the guns would be on you all the time.

So whats my take? I think digging is a valid tactic, the fact guns may be broken under terrain is a game problem and we kind of have to live with it until the game balances things effectively. I took out a base with a plasma cannon and 200 charges. It had lots of turrets but was badly designed. With better design it would have been less susceptible to digging.

Ammo draining is another issue, it is exploiting right now as far as I am concerned. There is zero penalty for dying so you can just live, die, repeat unti the guns run out and then its open season. My suggestion on that is something that Jascha/Rexx may be able to fix outside the core game. Anyone who dies x times in y minutes gets warped to a PvE planet. Say 10 times in 10 minutes, that should be enough to prevent ammo drainers who just die repeatedly.

I agree with Kalsius, good suggestion if it’s possible for your tool to limit the respawn nearby option.

The devs should simply get rid of this option, home/clone/medical seems to me fair enough and not game breaking.

So if you can code that, let the turrets with your actual rules, so the area around the turrets must be cleaned and not collide with terrain around.

Actually that should be quite easy to implement.
We combine the intruder function and say: If a player dies close to an enemy base x times in 10 minutes then we warp him away.

  1. On the other side of the planet (so he nows, ok i have to stop, but can still get his ship to leave?)
  2. if he goes on to a pve starter planet, or one, where he has a base

Just have to think of possible exploits and what timespan and death-count we should realisticly take… Any input on that?

Turrets for digging - good
Turrets for Deff with ground-shield - evil.

Not more.

Agreed, it comes down to whether the turret terrain bug has been fixed. I have no issue with someone carving out a cavern underground with turrets all over it. This helps prevent tunnellers and means that enemies have to dig down to get to the base. The central issue is that previously the turrets could shoot through the terrain making it unfair on the attackers. If that bug is fixed, and I cannot be shot through terrain then I have no issue with underground turrets, will be a nasty surprise for the attackers :smiley:

Yeah I think allowing them just now isn’t a good idea. We will build our version of stopping ammo drainers but there are too many problems with shoot through mountains millions km from distance.

It just needs to be common sense for everyone to

  1. dig your base yourself and place turrets arround
  2. secure your core! It is not just a nasty block somewhere. Build a lot of turrets around it, behind your fridge, just do something! :wink:
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Is the turret terrain bug still an issue then?

@Jascha i think option 2 is better so ppl will learn how to stop in time and choose another option like medical/home respawn if they don’t want to be warped.

5 deaths / 30mn seems better than 10deaths / 10mn as you can avoid the penality by waiting only one minute for the condition not being met, and it won’t work if ppl hide and use their drone to empty ammunition as they won’t die too much.

another idea but tell me if you can do that, may be a cooldown to respawn longer and longer ? can you may be code a limitation on the number of time someone spawn his drone to avoid drone draining ?

hm ok. but what if you are actually figithing with someone (player against player)? You will die maybe 5 legal times and suddenly in the middle of the fight you get teleportet out… Or you die due to some aliens close by, oxygen and so on.
Thats why i thought to increase it instead.
Another problem would be if you are for example on Gold Federation getting some gold. And someone attacks you with sv and kills you 5 times. then you get send to pve planet since you died 5 times close to his ship… that would be bad…

As you might see in the intruder logs… it shows the structure closest to the intruder. So it could be he attacks a base, but i only show the sv, since that one is closer. Therefore i cant just say I limit this function to bases… Could get a bit tricky here.

The drone will be still a problem :frowning: . I dont think i can check that one.

I concur. It’s unfortunate, but made necessary by the current game mechanics.

Turrets shooting through Terrain ist just very poor and ruines the game. You yust have no chance to attack from a safe space or just escape to a safe spot. You have no chance to see what ever you attack befor it is to late. So the final result would be no attacks anymore on bases…

Ammo drain is also not good but what is when you lose your backpack and you want it back? That could take more than 5 or 10 deaths… against underground turrets its just senless because you will have no chance to get your backpack. At the other side you can take your drone and drain ammo. You just dont need to die anyway… for ammo drain…

Yeah. It wont be allowed. But Getting back the Backup is against turrets never good I think. It is just lost. Or you get a drill from OCD and dig the way through the backpack. But with the coming feature we Co against ammo drainers

you can hide behind trees or your brocken ship to get your backpack. As long there is no minigun or something shooting through ground you might die sometimes but you have a good chance to get your backpack.

simple solution to this problem. turret fire digs.
so what this means, is that when a turret fires, it digs as well.
simply meaning, that wherever it fires from underground, it must first
create a hole for the bullets to get out.
unfortunately this is a huge problem/game mechanic,
that has not ever really been addressed.
if you have turrets that simply shoot through the terrain, but do not dig a hole
for the bullets to come out of the ground,
then they have an unfair advantage, because if i am attacker, via sv, or hv,
before i can hit the turrets, i must first shoot through all of the ,
terrain, before getting to the cannons, but the base turrets do not.
long story short, its a glitch, its a bug, its taking advantage, of an unfair,
gaming mechanic that has been overlooked by the devs. If you can fix this or instead,
ban it, that perhaps would be better.
or you could at least put limitations on ammo for underground bases, say only 2 ammo boxes,
seeing as they have an unfair advantage, then they should also take a penalty, of less ammo.