Understanding planet taxes

Now call me stupid but i dont really understand the costs properly. i had a look at the guide and still im confused on how much it would cost me to say have a base that is 170 devices?

Can some one break this down abit for me? the 1000/rp/members formula makes no sense to me at all o.O

Members = number of members in your faction. If you’re alone = 1 (ie ignore).

RP = reputation points. You gain RP over time by being part of the faction system (trader, pirate etc) and can also lose RP by dieing. The HWS connect shows you your current RP. EG as trader I get 7 per day and am on 14 after dieing once.

1000 = 1000 :wink:

So in your case cost is 170,000 credits (170*1000) divided by your RP (and any members of your faction). If you have 17 RP and just you in faction, it’d cost you 10,000CR per day.