Underwater Turrets on Ice World

Below are screenshots of various HV and BA built underwater on Ice World:

Screenshot of turrets firing:

I recreated the layout in survival single player. The turrets do full damage:

So what if they have base underwater. I dont think its against the rules since turrets got fixed and they dont shoot trough terrain or water anymore.

Please show evidence of them firing at you underwater.

I did in my video, Rex said it was a graphical glitch. I think I will set my guys to building a test base and try and prove that this is in fact still an issue without a doubt.

@mcprouty By the same token your base and hv turrets were firing strait thru a mountain at us. I do not believe it was intentional but there it was. It was not graphical only as i watched it dimple blocks on my ship. I had this same thing happen with a buried base on medusa shooting at us from bedrock (not yours)

Interesting. Ya that would pretty much bust a hole in the whole “turrets are working fine” thing. Hell, yesterday we may or may not have found a new issue with turrets we hadnt seen before. Quite a few turrets placed with no ammo indication, and no way to reload. Just expensive cameras. And dont even get me started on auto firing lol. Most of the battle we had to have someone manning turrets just to get them to fire. Only ones that worked well were sentries (as y’all kept finding out). And then when you were controlling a turret, and it got hit, it whips it around immediately to face the other direction. Ya. Still quite a lot of work left to do on turrets

There is one possible explanation to this. The game might have not loaded terrain chances and instead showed the terrain as it used to be. This has happened to me many many times. When you get close enough the game loads terrain chances and the mountain that there was in reality was digged down or there was holes made to it.

Oh the mountain he is talking about was definitely there. I drove a tank up it charging at them, and crashed to desktop at the peak.

Yeah that was my experience with turrets as well, no ammo indicator issue nonfiring

We already discussed it with the devs and showed it to them in real life. Every chunk is 500x500 meter. But if you are further away your chunk is generating the default planet textures. No matter if there is something build or even damaged.
Only if you get near enough the .area files from the Playfield folder is syncing with your client and you see the changes.

However the turrets know every change no matter what. So for them they see you and fire at you.

They try to fix it. That is what we mean for now with “they are working”.

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Ah. So if I am understanding correctly: They are working on it
Those last two words put a whole different spin on the sentence. :slight_smile:
I had previously interpreted this to mean that they were working as intended, and no further change was needed.

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Screenshot of turrets firing:

I recreated the layout in survival single player. The turrets do full damage:


I’m not sure if this is the right place to post it but from test i did the other day, initial agro range is lower than automated weapon range, but once it starts firing only then can it agro at weapon range its really strange, wonder if anyone else can confirm this.

COME AT ME BRO. bring more fuel please prometium is a pain to mine

wow guys thanks. I wake up to a backpack with 800 fusion cells thanks. and the epic assault…

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Nothing is being done about this?

The turrets aren’t underwater…

The water where the turrets are is gone, you have to get within like 20m to see it.

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