Unexplained ban?


So I got banned from the server and I don’t know why…
I haven’t been playing Empyrion for long, so it might’ve been I did something wrong, but I’m not aware of it.

I left my homeworld (first time ever, yay!) and I noticed I was being chased by a Pirate-faction vessel (I’m still Lawless btw). Some Russian guy and another piloting it. They caught up with me, open fire, I couldn’t shake them of, so I returned fire.
Luckily, I was kicking some ass :p. I destroyed them and their vessel, wanted to start looting it, when I got kicked from the server!

I really don’t know what I did wrong. I read up on the story and the server rules and I can’t see what I did wrong. They were Pirates! they shot first! Please help?

Kind regards,

Hey Assassins,

no problem, no worry. That was a game bug. You dismantled a base / turret and got it in your inventory. That is not allowed. As soon you see such things move illegale items in trash please.
I unbanned you. Have fun :slight_smile:

Ok, great! And thank you!

So dismantling of conquered vehicles is not allowed?
Another small problem: while I got banned, these pirates came back, stripped my ship and repaired theirs. Now I’m stuck in space, and quite a few resources poorer :p. Can anything be done about that?

You got somehow a Cannon Turret in your inventory. That is what I ment with bug. This happens if you dismantle turrets or kill structures and sometimes it drops as a backpack. A cannon turret in your hand would be crazy unfair. I replaced it with spoiled food.

I only can offer you a little gift and reduce the spawn time of this ship you lost.

Ah, yes, I understand.

I don’t know if you already reduced the spawn time, but I got out.

I really wanna see how absurd this bug is though, anyone got a video of it? Lol