Unexplained RP lose

Hey all this is more to make all aware of this, last night i was on lucifer and had 155RP until my HV glitched and plunged into lava, I died 6 times retriveing it reducing my RP to 149, after leaving lucifer and returing to auxilio i gain one from warping with my epic, leaving it at 150 when i logged off, I have logged on today and for some reason my RP has lowerd again by 2 to 148. My death count still stands the same as it did last night when i logged, so not sure how or why ive lost 2 RP while being offline but i thought id share this to make sure this problem isnt more widespread and rex and jas can check it out too.

This is simple you activated that scan that activates with 150 rp and now you can see how many cores have in the player fields.kkkk after you hit again 150rp it turns off by default … I think …

Taking advantage of the topic, I want to suggest that our so sweaty rp that we conquered, is not lost with simple occasional deaths, I want to have a security system rp loss, where only after 5 consecutive deaths, lose rp, ie after 5 You lose 1 rp, and from there you lose 1 rp for death, with a cooldown of 12 hours from the fifth death, to restore protection, this would already bring more people to pvp and would also be something fairer with Loss of rp in a stupid way, such as forgot to eat or went out into space and did not supply oxygen and either did not take bottles and either has no more o2 in the vehicle or fell into a cave and died or fell from the top of the base and died.

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I’ve not activated the scan either, if it auto activates it would have decreased by now as I had it up at 155

Maybe it should have activated the other time and you did not notice it, because it should be jumping through several playersfield and did not consult periodically, but I think activation and automatic rexx once talked about this subject but I do not know if it is explained in the guide …

Strange as I don’t think it’s automatic sure once you breach 150 you need to type FA:scan to activate and again to deactivate it, plus I spend alot of time on the starter helping new players and over the last few days have neglected my RP although it has been over 150. It’s got me stumped lol

Thats how it will be with 5.1 onwoards. Up to now it automatically activates.

Ahh thought i would have noticed by now, how do i deactivate it as ive no use for it and would like my rp to climb past 150 :slight_smile:

Great jascha, will we have other types of skills that we can activate and deactivate at the cost of rp, this would make a lot of sense, being a pirate would like a scam to show me a trader within a 10 to 15 km radius or one that gave me the direction Of a fleet of ships, even costing me all my rp …

And will we have some protection system against loss of Rp for idiot deaths

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