Unintended consequence of moving all support to forum?

I have noticed the forum seems a bit slowed last few days, in terms of actual posts and discussion, and I think I see why.

Seems that the wild success of getting all support tickets done in one place means that it pushes all other threads off the page with all the 1-3 post support tickets already closed. Is there any way that closed support tickets can be exempt from the front page of the forum? Dunno if this is possible with the framework you have, but it may make it easier for posts not to go obsolete in less than a day because no one can see them.


Yeah, forum’s a bit slow…

My computer just had a mintue freeze when the fourm was opnening from the discord link…

Hm, yeah. Good observation and where lights are, are also shadows.

I think with the sidebar get help button, with the auto word checker in Discord and with still the possibility to click on the front page on “latest”, I will supress all Get Support Topics now from the forum front page.

I just try to find a way to keep the category “Get Support” on the front page > left column, since it’s quite important to show that we have a get support category at the first sight.

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Alright… with a… “little” workaround I have achieved what I wanted…

Should be better now


Very nice, I like the smooth transition. Was mostly an observation of an oddity, wasnt expecting a fix so fast lol.

Still related to this suggestion, seems like on the first load of the page, “support” topics show up, but not “hws get support”? Hitting the view button again does successfully filter them out though. Not sure why the initial load does not.

weird… latest patch must have broken it… will investigate. Thanks

With the patch yesterday fixed now :slight_smile:

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