Unique class talents?

Hey guys I just wanted to ask if you all plan on giving each class a unique talent. Maybe hunters can locate people in certain sector of space, traders can instant build certain bp, gaurdians can teleport to allies. Free lancers get nothing. :grin:

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And pirates don’t get the swear filer. :joy:


Yea would love some uniqueness atm just jumping between they all feel the same lol…balance is meh.

Yes, in 3-4 we had a kind of more unique way for gaining RP at least.

Currently feature wise it progress a bit slow because of the tool refactoring.
We have some ideas for a separation for the future in mind - making HWS like a real role play where each Origin has it’s clear Pros and Cons and matched to specific gamestyles.

With a little help of the API we can even recreate what you have in Freelancer for example.
Reputation Points as a measure of loyalty to your specific Origin. If you play against your origin guidelines you lose RP, visible to everyone till nobody trust you anymore and locking you away from the Origin planet etc.

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I’d love to see the game/server provide something like this. Even if it’s not an ability gain for a faction but an ability nerf for all others, it would add dependency which is what’s missing in the chain. Nobody really depends on any other origin for anything because we can all do the same stuff. Really cool opportunities here. Time will tell! And we have the best server owners so if it happens it will be here first. :).