Universe Map is misleading!


It suggests that you can warp in and out of homeworld while the only way out is a supergate!

Navigating to them, based on the coordinates from the guide, is annoying as you are constantly switching between map and flight mode to figure out where you are going. Gates popping in at a relatively short distance makes it hard to even bookmark them. And all of that while possibly being targeted by another player.

Universe map (arrows) need an update so noobs like myself aren´t lured into a playfield under the false impression of quickly getting out of there.

I´d prefer bookmarked gates by default, but you probably considered and discarded that.

Kind regards

Probably the old map.
I updated to the new one:

First it must have made this way, because Eleon changed the Turret targeting in Alpha 9.
Second you can make yourself easy and right click on the Sector map once, and type in the coordinates and set the Supergate as Waypoint. You don’t have to be there even.

Overall a Survey feedback / request to make PvP more viable and enhance the overall successful usage of Supergates.
We will see how it turns out in the end in reality.

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Thank you