Universe Map



Ingame Map view

The HWS Universe is always created with following intentions:

  • Gameplay fun
  • Performance
  • Creativity
  • Hidden Features / Goodies
  • Balancement (e.g. PvP / PvE, resources, etc.)

You can see here a little reference in HWS universe history

IN-GAME Star map Universal Icon / Color Code

◯ GREEN CIRCLE: Space and Planet is PvE

◯ ORANGE CIRCLE: Space is PvP but at least one planet is PvE

▲ RED TRIANGLE: Space and Planet is PvP

▲ ORANGE TRIANGLE: Space is PvE but at least one planet is PvP

★ BLUE STAR: Special Space / Planet. Check the Description with (M)

★ WHITE STAR: Mission / Instance Space / Planet

HWS Connect integration

  • If you have “fa:scan” activated you will see all cores in every playfield instead of the “???” above
  • It gives you the best overview which playfield is PvP or PvE and what restrictions are applied to them

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