Unnecessary Buildings on freelancer HQ

are these sort of buildings really necessary they are an eyesore and serve no real purpose there’s many other ways of getting to the monolith don’t think a big bridge in really needed or a big pole to find your base surely you could just use a way-point?

Hm. Origin HQ Planets really needs a rework in terms of mindset.
Guess good old HWS 2.0 times are coming back soon. Taxes on HQ planets :grimacing:

Have to think about it.

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People build with different styles and intent. Its a sandbox. Not saying its my style, but I’m sure people want teleporters close to the monolith. I’d hate the idea of taxes on HQ planets unless we had more convenient exploration planets close to the middle of the system. Then you’d have more reasonable places to settle.

If taxes appear on HQ planets, may I suggest easing up on the added zasconium and erestrum requirements?
I think it would be harsh to put taxes on new players working to get off HQ while also making every CV harder to build.

just my 2c.

You will end up with the same situation on other planets. The 1 hour TEAM cooldown means people need to get to and from the tower every hour if they are trying to level it up. Currently that means getting to ECC then going back to pick plants/get resources/do something else.