Upcoming Permanent Event Planet: Auctoria

Hey guys,
Working out the details with Rex at the moment, but I wanted to give y’all a heads up so you can start getting excited.

There is a new planet in the works, the last of the donator planets (just bought it this morning). It will be PVE during the week, and then transition to a free for all on the weekends. Here is the catch. There will be a reward for anyone whose base survives the weekend and all checkpoints over the weekend, as well as a reward for each enemy base destroyed with proof of destruction (no duplicates, and only one “main” base per faction). So start working on your base/HV designs, we will see you on the battlefield!


Wow and here I thought you had your fill of PvP!

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One of the best idea!

We start planning our base for such mode ^^

Lol Mord I am not opposed to PVP, Particularly when it is planned. After all, why have guns if you dont use them. I would just rather fight someone in an organized fashion than get hunted down at random, as I am sure many people would. This also gives everyone a chance to know that chaos is coming, and store their valuables if they want, and possibly be online to defend.

Me too, man. Me too.

best i heard today! i hope its on EU?

Should’ve mentioned, no its on NA. But you could totally come on over atleast for the weekend.

Im just imagining a flotilla of ships, led by a giant one painted like the british flag, emerging from a wormhole to the NA server, and a little barebones warp ship scurrying off to the faction planets yelling “THE BRITISH ARE COMING! THE BRITISH ARE COMING!”

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The British are just an small portion in EU, i would say THE SWEDISH ARE COMING :smiley:

lol fair enough, its just that the british thing is kind of a historical thing for the americans…

And what happens if CIS (CIS countries - Ru, UA, BLR and others) comes? xDDDD

(If someone didnt know, SWP got 21 active member, I think NA wouldnt be so happy, to see all of us on such siege :smile: )

P.S.: We need such Event planet on EU ((((( Rexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bring it.

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Im working through the details of the rules for the planet at the moment, but all are welcome. It may even get to the point where we wipe every other week or so, just to clean up the busted landscape and bases, and make people start from scratch. But I honestly see little reason other than the slight latency change why y’all wouldnt be able to participate on Auctoria. May even make a bonus reward if yours is the last base standing. We shall see.

I, for one, welcome SWP on NA.

You brought cool stuff last time. I want in on that action this time around.

Anything that contributes to more PVP is good in my book. That said, I’m not a huge fan of base combat dynamics as they currently stand. Taking down bases which are groupings of 5-10 separate cores, each with full sets of guns and half buried in the ground is pretty tedious even if they’re not defended. If they are I don’t see an effective way to do so with the current state of the game.

I was thinking about that, and one idea was to potentially increase the atmospheric density, that should cut down on effective range, I believe. Making your short game very important, as well as internal defenses for dealing with breaching infantry.

We will come over with this march song! :wink:

Got the first draft for the Auctoria Rules, so y’all can go over em and make suggestions if you want something in particular.

Rules for Auctoria:

1: Build in Designated Zones in order to be eligible for the event. Any faction with more than one base at the time of a checkpoint is disqualified. All Designated Zones are POI’s on the map. These are chosen specifically to take advantage of natural terrain for different avenues of attack.
2: Weekdays (monday-Friday) are PVE, Weekends (Saturday-Sunday) are pvp.
On Friday Evening, a game inspector will arrive at your base to ensure that no exploits were used, and that your base qualifies for the competition. This inspector should be allowed to any part of your base, as they will not be participating in the pvp, and will not share information regarding layout under any situation.
3: If someone destroys a qualifying base with picture evidence, their faction gets one Attack Reward (more on this later)
4: For each checkpoint that a qualifying base survives, that faction will get one Defense Reward. A faction that makes it through the entire weekend and each checkpoint wins the Survival Reward. If it is the Last faction standing (other than spectator) then they recieve the grand prize!
5: You may still raid other’s bases for the duration of the event if your base is destroyed, but may not rebuild/recore your base once it is declared destroyed. You may scrap it for parts, and remain in the area however.
6: There is one POI marked as Spectator’s Retreat. This area may not be raided under any situation, and should be considered a no combat zone. No automatic turrets are allowed inside this valley. Only CV’s belonging to LoT faction may land in this area, though sv’s are more than welcome to park in open spaces provided they do not obstruct operations. Those wishing to spectate the event may land here in order to enter the approved spectator vehicles. Spectator vehicles should not be attacked, and will have no loot within. They will be clearly marked white small vessels with a large red cross symbol. Please respect those trying to watch the event.

About the planet:
Gravity will be increased greatly for the weekend pvp, to the point that you WILL need a strong ship to deliver supplies, or to escape the surface and flee the system. This is to balance air vs ground combat, and provide an incentive for attacking on foot or in HV instead of with a CV (or ten).
Atmospheric density is also greatly increased. This means that Weapons will not fire as far as you are used to. This is to prevent overuse of offline artillery bombardment, and homing rocket harassment of vehicles passing at long range spectating or reconning bases.
The Biome is Alien: The Green swamp planet type.
Ores include sparse Blue Crystals, Magnesium, Cobalt, and Iron.
No water exists on the planet, and the atmosphere is not breathable. In order to survive, you will have to bring supplies (O2 and Water) from other planets.