Uranus + Orbit PvP event!

FIRST Uranus PvP coming! Prepare your defences on Uranus planet and orbit - on Friday from 6pm till 11pm!

Remember one rule: OP is deactivated during that 5 hours!

Was this event for EU or US? Because people attempted to get on around 6 PM US time only to be very disappointed. I understand you are EU timezone and most of the playerbase is EU, but you need to be clear about what server these events take place. Virtually no one on the US server properly understood this because the time you gave for the event did not have a timezone attached. We didn’t know if it was Iozz posting this or Rex. From what I understand Iozz is on hiatus, but we do need a US admin to kinda manage things while he’s gone, because right now server has some bugs (posts made in the bugs forum).


yeah I should have been more clear about it. The event was for both timezones and caused fun and drama at the same time.
Lessons were learned.

iozz was sadly not available so I hold both events at the same time. It will be better next time.