Uranus Terrain Regenerated

After going out to collect from my autominers I found they had been destroyed/deleted. Minor inconvenience really so went back to base. Found that all terrain had regenerated in and around my base removing many blocks, my entire subterranean farm and another large underground room. This took many days to build so is quite a big issue for me. Jasscha/Rex when you get a chance please look into this for me.

I have managed to dig most of it back out (took up sleep time). My defences are now weaker as every block that was part embedded in terrain had been deleted. Support blocks for turret towers were also removed but fortunately the towers themselves did not crumble to dust. In terms of what I have lost (aside from 2 hrs of my time) - 3 autominers, 4 H2/02 generators, water generator, many defensive ditches and an unknown quantity of large fuel packs.

We will look into it. Uranus had tonight massive problems. Devs are looking at it right now

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