Use of stat boosts in BR event

was thinking stat boosts be turned off when a player is in events. this would make a more even playfield for everyone. thinking the events should be more about skill and not about pay to win. not a lot of players can spent the 10 mil for the 10k hp boost and that has them at a great disadvantage.
I think the new events is a good idea. Its lets players try PvP with out risk of anything, but if a player doesn’t have the millions to spend on stat boosts it gets discouraging trying to fight someone who has the millions to spend to the point they don’t want to play the event anymore.
what I would like to see is an event where everything is equal being skill the deciding factor. that is everyone has the exact same things. from weapons, stats, and armor.
wouldn’t it be great to be able to say " I won because I was better" not “I won because I had more than the others did”. who would you have more respect for?

I personally don’t use stat boots at all. It’s not an investment that works for my gameplay. The buffs were actually created with the events in mind. It enhances many different aspects for both PVE & PVP events. Yes is can kill PVP events in the idea of fairness but with the expense, one can run out of funds for other things very quickly if not careful. However I do believe the idea behind the BR event is an even playfield and should have the the temp buffs blocked for this reason.

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I am talking about the BR event exclusively, not other events. no changes other than to have everyone in BR event have the same chance and as everyone else.

ahh yes. the title says “events” you may want to edit to specify the BR event :wink:

I agree that these boosts should be turned off for the BR events. The whole idea of it is that everyone is on an even playing field; with none of their gear or ships or anything. Everyone starts from the same point, and its only your skill that matters (and allies of course). The boosts change that, giving a huge advantage to those who can afford it, and letting rich players easily defeat new players.

There are already plenty of events where established players can use their wealth to get ahead with garage ships and all sorts of things. I support having more events where new players can compete on an even playing field.

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