UST NPC Trader - What thinks the community?

Hello my fellow Customers,

times has changed and i think my NPC Package is a little outdated. At the moment i sell
a set of 4 (old) Stacks of Combat Steel, 100 Large Generators and 10 Furnaces.

I see over a week around 5-10 sales, thats not as much as the seasons before.
So, what do you think the package should contain? I am aiming for a low cost package that still gives a lot for instant spawning a CV or a SV. Should i get rid of the furnaces and leave the rest?

I would appreciate your customer feedback.



If you don’t care for credits (low cost) & want to help people with easy access to CV
You might want to consider stack of combat steel + all the devices required to create a basic CV by hand. You can have 20 different items. Maybe even add a few CV drills there to help new players get access into resources early.

It´s not about the Money, a NPC Trader is nothing to get rich. Each category for the Package has a different price and multiple Items could cause a higher price.

The Package should contain Items which allow to spawn fast a Blueprint. Mostly the Newbys use the BP´s of the game or already took one from the Workshop, some of them played before or designed something in creative.

Also the Package should be usefull for the Veteran Players.
I will take a test whith some changes and keep this thread up to date about future sales and for more customer feedback.

I didn’t even notice combat steal was being sold in npc trader :o…
But to the changes i would suggest is to increase the combat steal a few more stacks and if it cost a few more credits it shouldn’t effect the new players much sense the new daily loot gets increased every day up to 7 days. Which gives more then 200k credits in gold. So specifically if i may: 10 stacks of combat steal 1 stack of 2t generators. And now that i know this is being sold i will be buying them.

Update: Now i realize why i didn’t see them. Its because i use NA server npc trader.

I´ve adjusted the package a bit and the price dropped too, so lets try how well this works.

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:smiley: Visit us at EU and go shopping :wink:

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With the recent changes, its even easier to adjust my package.

So if you have any suggestions about the content of the UST NPC Package, tell me what you think.

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