UST Tradestar and Gatesphere! Our brand new Traderstation

Hello my fellow Customers! We proudly present you our newest creation:

Your personal Connection between Eden and Triton. A fast shortcut from one System to another. And thats not all - we´ve reactivated our good ol´ Tradestar to bring back
the UST Traderstation©

Located in the Eden Orbit at 6375 / -1105 / 4631 in the direct sight when you jump in from ECC, you cant miss it. It´s really easy to use:

The entrace is on the top of the station, walk downstairs and follow the instructions on the LCD-Screen

The Order Room is to the left side

Write your orders with Name / Faction / Item / Ammount on the public LCD Screens *¹

As soon as we confirm your Delivery and we recived the money, we will tell you the Color and the Codes for the 2-factor-authentication: the Door-Code and the Box-Code.

You can get your goods at the Pickup-Room on the right side

Just enter the Door-Code and grab your wares

You may ask “Why dont you use the marketplace?”. Well, thats simple. With the UST Traderstation©, we can deliver high ammounts of Items for our Customers - even when we arent online. And we can make sure that You get what you ordered. You can pick them up whenever You want. Thats another great service to satisfy our customers.

You want it? We sell it! Whenever you need it!

sincerely your United Space Trader

*¹ (Prices coming soon)


Do you deliver as well?


@dQgnflua not at all it but i think we could make an exception for the Police