V1.10 Release

Hello Galactic Survivalists!

Welcome to the 1.10 update of Empyrion Galactic Survival. The summer update has some cool features in store for you. Besides visual improvements of the game world you can expect among other things:

  • Drones from your very own Drone Bay will now defend your bases and vessels.
  • The hoverbike replaces the motorbike!
  • 23 new block shapes were added together with water & lava blocks and a full blown blueprint parts collection toolset.
  • Over 300 new and revamped…

    v1.10 Release

Important change: Blueprints cannot be put into the Factory if the player hasn’t unlocked the needed items in the techtree yet!

New season:
Unlock check in BP Factory Yes/No ?
In Singleplayer its a option, not a must.

oh not seen. :smile: fine have enough Datapads