V1.5.6 Hotfix

Hello Galactic Survivalists!

We have a fix for the exception that has been reported to trigger when exiting a save back to the main menu & the issue with some deco being invisible. Please update to this build & leave some feedback.

If the experimental branch is not visible for you in the drop down list in steam > properties > betas please restart your steam client.

Our Experimental server is also updated feel free to join!

Hotfix: 2021-08-10 v1.5.6 (B3446)

v1.5.6 Hotfix

How do I join the experimental server?

Just open empyrion and search for Experimental. Then the official server should have a different color than regular servers.
But that server is not HWS.

Oh. I thought it was HWS experimental. Nevermind then. :frowning: