V1.7 Experimental II

Hello Galactic Survivalists!

Phase 2 of the version 1.7 Experimental release has just been started!

This update will introduce a few testing planets of a completely new decoration system! For example, the grass under your feet/vehicle will now react correctly to you and your movement and other actions. In addition, we will increase the number of available decorative elements (i.e. plants, trees, stones, etc.) by more than 200, so that entirely new biomes and planet types will be possible…

v1.7 Experimental II

so glad they looking into performance impact of visual enhancements…oh wait…


oh, they look into it, then say F-it and make water more shiny so that you can see all the new trees and grass moving in the reflection…and all this at 10 frame per minute…while your graphic card smokes out…



Hehe, almost everyone i play with, have graphs at lowest lvl… no need to be high… even many streamers give a f

i always play with all settings set to off/low, but i can still sometime hear my card yelling at me from the case :smiley:

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Yep, for grafics, we have xboX :rofl::rofl:
I have most online pc games on low settings