Vanished base in Xeno Nebula


I decided to ask for help as I cant manage to understand what happened to my bases and ships.

I just logged in after 1 day out of the game and found out that all that me and my faction mate had in Xeno Nebula had disappeared. I am talking about 2 bases, 4 CVs of diverse size and around 10 HV/SVs, all with defenses up and fuelled. They all vanished leaving no trace at all, not a single block left.

So I tried to check the Intruder Log, but for some reason it doesnt load well for me and all I see is 1 guy attacking a SVC, but anyway I think even if raided some of the structures should have survived.

Then I browse the forums a bit and found the latest 6.X.X teasers and announcements about new universe and to remove placeholders in several systems. Maybe some wipe?

Finally I check my bank account and found it empty (not that I had lots, less than 30k) and with a debt of around 7k I didnt know. Removed by taxes?

I would appreciate if some one could take a quick look into it, just to understand what happened. My main base ID was 7069954.

Thanks a lot!

As far as I can see @Shnoofn took your base out.
But maybe he wants to tell you more.

Btw: Your HV and SV were turned off a day before. Maybe ran out of fuel?

A guilty member of your faction logged out about 3 kilometers away from your base revealing it to the hunterboard. It was only 30+ km in deepspace too (not enough to be safe).That was your first mistake.

Your second mistake was to build a bottom with no or only a few turrets mounted. All structures’s bottoms were facing into the same direction, so there was a perfect side for attacking it.

I was able to take out your base with a single ship… Thanks for the testing ground!


Thats ok. Then its part of the game and I can only learn from this. I was mostly curious because I expected to see some left overs of all the bases and CVs we had there, and was surprised absolutely nothing was left.

Did you take down/destroy all structures? Because I miss a CV in my structure list.

When attacking your base that was what I expected too. I planned to seize one of your ships, but all structures despawned very quickly after their cores were destroyed (I think within minutes). I managed to place a core at one of your ships, but it was already a ruin so I removed my core again and left it where it was. Maybe that’s the ship you are missing.
The way I did it it was not very rewarding so I learned from this too.

Sounds like you are new to the server like me… I hope you have some backup ships in your factory and aren’t stuck now. Otherwise let me know. I will give you a ship, pentaxid, fuel and everything for a new start.

Ive been playing the game and in the server for a bit more than a month, not that new but still lots to learn. To be honest, I didnt even know structures actually despawn when the core is destroyed.

Fortunately, Ive got enough backup to get out of this on my own. Thanks a lot for your offer anyway, I really appreciate it.

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