Vanishing ships, multiple playfields, same night

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What happened:

3 ships dissapeared

Player(s) with issue:




Time (cb:time):

between 11 pm pst 31/Mar and 30 pm pst 1/Apr


Salthon, Freelancer HQ

Structure Name(s):

SV_Prefab_tier2a, Runabout 1, Stinger

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:

no destruction notices. nothing in registry. all were placed as Faction owned. first 2 ships were damaged. second ship returned me to F-HQ at 11pm last night. Stinger was parked on my patio in front of my base. this is a major play killing event. I need something in return. so 1 ship vanished on Salthon, 2 ships dissappeared on F-HQ.


there is not much we can do if you remove the core…
The game deletes coreless structures after some time.


Same for the other structures.

Well then we have whole new issues.

  1. 2 of the ships had the original cores in the original positions, never touched.
  2. one had a new core in a new position as it had been damaged and I was redesigning it. When I logged off it was flyable but I didn’t have enough warp fuel to make the trip to ECC.
  3. after I posted this I destroyed the core for a base structure and a HV on F-HQ. I think your mistaking those for this situation.

I only checked the ships you told me too. They were all decored

well I’m sorry but that is not correct. All 3 had cores when I logged out. The Salthon Prefab ship had a hole in its side and had fuel in it, it just didn’t have warp fuel to reach ECC. So I took the Starter SV, after fixing it with stuf I had brought in the prefab, home to F-WQ. sitting on the pad completely untouched, at the F-HQ base, was Stinger. I jumped over to a solo server to test a design edit for adding warp tank to Stinger. When i came in the next morning with design ready to go… all 3 were gone. but whatever, ill move on. I’m not gonna fight about it. — Strike 1.

Well, thats the info the game gives us.
Maybe a bug, but 3 structures at once is strange. Especially if the game gives us clear logs about the core being removed. Never saw that logs by accident.

As a favor I restored “Runabout 1”, since I also find one discrepancy in the game logs about it. I will ask the devs about it.

As a favor for the trouble, I made a donation.

Thank you for the time an effort.

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Thank you.
Really appreciate that!

Devs btw said the log meant that no blocks were left at all. with Runabout. Not sure why and how that could happen…

runabout was damaged as it is exactly how you respawned it. the larger sv prefab had the whole right side blown open. it was flyable also. stinger was completely untouched an was sitting at home were it had been all day.

goodluck on that weird one.

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