Various HWS Specific Bug Reports


Some Bugs:

SV Limiter:

  • Server warning me about going over the 2 SV limit, despite having two SV’s, total. (even according to HWS Structure Commander - also being the total I’ve ever constructed).
  • Limit seems kinda stiff (generally keep a retrieval, quick short range, base raider, and warper around myself), and isn’t taking class size into account, but if that’s all the server can handle with this populous, so be it.
  • I’m afraid to attempt to obey the limit by dissembling though, as mayhaps it is counting the starter vessel I deconstructed ages ago. So… Guess I’ll just wait to see which one it deletes, and redesign the survivor.

Quest - Polaris: Resource Supplier II

  • Not sure if this is intentional, but the quest has ya go out and mine 1000 Iron Ore, then the second stage wants you to convert that 1000 Iron Ingots (makes sense). Problem arises in that it doesn’t take into account it takes 5 ore to make 10 ingots, and that ingots are created in lots of ten. It thus really wants you to have 25,000 Iron Ore, and make 50,000 Iron Ingots. :open_mouth: (Also won’t let you use the Furnace.)
  • This seems an excessive amount of ecological devastation, even by Polaris standards.

[Aln] Prisoner Transport (Admin Core)

  • Less of a bug, more just, questioning… Turned out I built my rather elaborate base right next to this thing, as I only scouted out far enough to make sure I wasn’t near alien territory. It has rocket turrets and is indestructible, making leaving and returning to base very dangerous with no way to resolve the issue (particularly with the SV limit - gonna lose one every time I fail to keep my eye on the ball - and if it breaks the core, I’ll be at the limit again). One does not generally expect rocket turrets outside of NPC alien territories. I would suggest moving such dangerous beasts to NPC territories, or keeping their defenses internal (since they are apparently invulnerable anyways). edit: Or at least not littering HQ worlds with dozens of them, turns out there’s one on either side of my base. ><