Vessels business and steam workshops

Hi guys, I’m new in the server and still deciding witch faction to pick. I would like initially going for Trading as I was thinking about transports and support other people and vessel design and sells. The thing is, are people allowed to use steam workshop blueprints and stuff? maybe I’m mistaken because I’m new in the game too and i don’t know how it works, but can you subscribe in a workshop on Steam and just put the ship in your factory, add resources and get that ship? Because if that’s the case it’s pointless for me to create/sell ships when people can get them by other ways. It would be nice and encouraging for the trading in the game that we can actually just use vessels created in our Universe to make possible the business.

Again, maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about,but if it’s more or less like this and someone have time to help me understanding this mechanic… I’d really appreciate it.


Yes using blueprints is a key mechanic. From a trading perspective you can make your own designs, keep them private and hope you have enough of a USP that people want to buy them, or you can work on the basis of someone wanting a ship, you have the resources to build it and do a build on demand type service either from your own designs or anything on the workshop.

The game is severely unbalanced right now but it’s always worth trying things and passing back feedback to Eleon to help drive the game in the right direction.

There is no chance for Vessels business right now. Dat Factory ruins this moment, and for our times - there are a lot of people, who gives HV/SV for free - just ask. So, mb in future…

Only one chance, is for BA and CV. But for such operations, we need change rule: “1 CV and 1 BA for PvE system”. At least 2-3 CV per system (ofc with block count limitation for 10-15k per system), and we gonna have some chances for Business.

I would think you’d make a killing selling HVs and SVs to noobs on Mars and Earth actually. I plan to sell my B-2 speeder to people for 500 Cr a pop. The problem is as a noob you don’t wanna wait for a blueprint to spawn, being effectively stuck waiting to mine ore and such.

I think if there was maybe some sort of faction that was able to produce blueprints maybe there would be some sort of business, or personality to the ships that we see riding through space. I really like the idea of trading vessels and things of the like… just think about it, you could have car faxes but for space ships.

**Me **:Uh, so I see this has been wrecked in combat a few times and the combat steel is damaged…

Seller: “Yeah so you see, uhm… we just replaced the combat steel with regular steel but textured over it, can’t tell the difference right?”


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material count different, for the same count of blocks. Its usefull for small/midle SV… so…

Hi Spidi101,

Welcome to the server. I think what you have in mind is great. At the moment the tradeoupost for selling ships isn’t up, but it will be soon. the others are right though most people do have their own bps etc.

With the recent $9.99 sale on empyrion we’re getting a lot of new people that need help. An active trader is always good. This game is also pretty buggy right now and there are always people looking for a ride.

Btw, newbs can use “fa:survival” to get 700 cr. If you learn how that works and instruct them how to get it maybe you could sell them a cheap SV for 500? 1. fa:survival, 2.eb:payout:all 3. logout 4. eb:send:account# +500 5. Give SV to them. :smiley:

Find a need fill a need. It’s all about marketing. LOL.

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Yes, I used to play EVE, (you guys know here about that game probably) and it was part of the motivation of traders. Be the only ones focused on building ships in game, selling them with in game money (CR here)… people in wars (pirates here, alliance, bounty h,… they actually have to come to traders “in game” to buy ships for next battles. Miners for mining, transporters for moving cargo… That was so interesting in that game. So here as Dr.Mit says, customs ships, implementing or creating variations of ships that modify the price… it’s a world of opportunities. But Alliance, pirates,… can get ships by other ways easily here. They can use factories here (that would be awesome to be limited for traders or business people as by the other hand, let’s say, high tech war ships just for warriors, pirates, alliance, bounty hunters… and not for traders). This make this interesting possibility we discuss here impossible or pointless for now. But hey, It’s always good to imagine possibilities isn’t it?

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that’s actually definitely a possible good start for this business possibility. First i need to stop loosing ships myself with warps and wipes, otherwise not even start of the business project. Thanks for answering guys

When I made this post I didn’t know that fa:survival blocked fa:supply for a week. I didn’t realize they were on the same timer. Don’t use fa:survival unless you plan on staying lawless.