Virtual Trade Station? help

so i went to hunter trade station and saw someone had on sale the zas and ere so i bought them … but it says virtual … where can i claim those ores at?

Edit: well now it seems the ores are gone from pending tab and the creds i payed for them also, didnt get the ores or the credits back … meh

Virtual should work from everywhere. Just press TAB > Marketplace and grab them?!

Just noticed the tnp trading posts were gone and the orders listed as virtual, I canceled the orders and they went into pending. So I went to the guardians marketplace hoping to claim the items and relist them but it won’t let me claim them. So I now have 5 stacks of 999 fusion cells I can’t get…Help lol

I suspect that we have a bug that occurs with the market when a planet gets wiped. A lot of the orders on the market show a Virtual Location. Personally I have about 7 orders that are Virtual. I wonder whats going to happen with them ?

You discovered the first Easter Egg :wink:

Virtual means globally. So a little hidden advantage of wipes… not everything is bad :wink:

Have fun discovering more easter eggs here and there…

But how to claim the items when they are globally?

Nope not working for me I was selling them and canceled the orders it tells me to go to the correct station :frowning:

doesnt work to grab them from tab marketplace> pending … the claim button is greyed out … i even chose each one but still cant claim

It does not work!

Does not work from everywhere!!!

I bet you will have to jump to elementary market, to redeem these items …

I’ve tried tab/market/pending but they are greyed out saying I need to be at the right station to claim, I tried at the guardian marketplace also but results are the same :frowning:

Sorry I have a working day today… :expressionless: talked with the dev. Fix is coming. But it can be that these trades are lost for now. Wipes are not something they worked with while coding.
Stay tuned

Atleast they are working towards a fix and doesn’t sound like the items are lost so it’s all good, sucks your working, tell your boss it’s coming up for Xmas …Who is he Ebenezer Scrooge ? Lol

what and how does Virtual work in the marketplace?

There is already a post on this subject
apparently virtual means you can accept the trade from anywhere in the universe, but atm it might not be working so just give it a few days.

ok tyvm

Fix is coming shortly

I can’t claim the ore i buy, the market location is Virtual, can you help me ?
a screenshot


i just looked in pending tab now after i woke up and the ores i had there waiting to be claimed are gone, didnt get the creds back either
also i payed tax for retrieving the creds and payed tax for buying cause i was in hunter trade station and not elemental bank?!? … i really needed those ores