Voting issues, no reward

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What happened:
=> I have been having voting issues recently on the voting website and i hear a few others have been too. I voted for the EU server and did not receive any reward on connect for it.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Snowman

=> EU

Time (cb:time):


Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Can i please receive my reward for voting but on NA as that will be where i probably will be logged into.

hey mate,
checked logs a bit… i see you have claim logs for voting today…

on EU:
19-08-11 06:16 Daily vote
Vote Counter: 10; Credits: 70000; Reputation: 10

on NA:
19-08-11 07:07 Daily vote
Vote Counter: 11; Credits: 77000; Reputation: 11

from my side all looks OK… if you’ve not received the creds/RP ingame, then i think @jascha would have to investigate it further…

It was for yesterdays vote which was done like an hour before those votes. The only way to prove it is to get the full list of voters, how does one go about doing this?
It mentions an api underneath but ther eis no link.

Same problem here. Yesterday eu voted, did not receive reward, no message in dashboard. But, would not allow me to try voting a 2nd time — as the window said I already had voted. Today, voted and worked correctly. Numbers same as snowman - 11 na, 10 eu.

Around same time I voted yesterday, noticed chat in discord players asking if connect wasn’t working. Roughly voted around same time yesterday as I voted today.

Everything to me appeared normal — but, no receipt of vote credit nor rewards.

SwissSteel in game

Guys… i need to know the days i should look into…
for example, Snowman, on the 10th, i only see you claiming NA,
SwissSteel, on 10th, you claimed both EU and NA

10th Logs:
Log (2019-08-10 | 10:04:31) | User (SwissSteel) | NA Vote clicked
Log (2019-08-10 | 10:11:01) | User (SwissSteel) | EU Vote clicked
Log (2019-08-10 | 16:54:37) | User (Snowman) | NA Vote clicked

11th Logs:
Log (2019-08-11 | 11:23:58) | User (SwissSteel) | NA Vote clicked
Log (2019-08-11 | 11:52:14) | User (SwissSteel) | EU Vote clicked

Log (2019-08-11 | 05:25:45) | User (Snowman) | EU Vote clicked
Log (2019-08-11 | 06:16:09) | User (Snowman) | EU Vote clicked
Log (2019-08-11 | 06:16:09) | User (Snowman) | EU Vote clicked
Log (2019-08-11 | 07:07:32) | User (Snowman) | NA Vote clicked
Log (2019-08-11 | 07:07:32) | User (Snowman) | NA Vote clicked

PS: ANY Day you Claim and after few mins you see no log for it… u can click CLAIM AGAIN Eventhough Timer is showing! it will resend command to game server just in case it did not work the first time you claimed…

I got on voted for NA then csw to Eu voted and then waited half an hour for the vote reset to tick over. I then voted on EU then csw back to NA and voted there. That is the time frame your looking at. The counter shows i definitely voted and i definitely claimed. All i am asking is to be rewarded for the vote and for you to be aware that there is an issue with voting atm.

@Jascha will need to look into refunding yesterday’s claim as i cannot trigger this from my side…
according to, you did indeed vote yesterday, but according to our hws connect logs, you DID not Claim it for both servers, u only claimed it on NA and it would need to be fixed for EU …

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I added the missing vote. Might be due to the tool crash, since it was in that time.

My problem is the votee on 10th. Logs are correct to show I voted. And I claimed. But, confirmation and rewards never appeared in my dashboard on eu.

If you decide not to fix, ok with that. Wasnt planning to mention until seeing snowman’s report, and another similar thread.

As per my normal pattern, I vote on 1 server, then warp to other and vote. Voting and claiming on each server back to back.


added the vote.
Sorry for the trouble.

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Mine to then :wink:


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When you are at it, can you then pls add mine reward for voting to for yesterday, EU server only? name is marko0280

i had the same problem yesterday on eu server, today i got 10th day reward, my 11th vote this month can currently be seen on top voters list on, name is cyricna…

done done

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The voting site is getting worse and worse. It times out constantly and it’s hard to even find a browser with low enough security to use it in the first place… Jus’ sayin’ … Third party cookies? Yes please steal all my social media handles! tldr; Recommend clearing cookies first

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