Voting rewards missing

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Did not receive any rewards for today after voting. Did refresh, click claim rewards button, cb:startjobs (open jobs will be started message showed), waiting, refreshing again etc.
Player(s) with issue: SirKnumskull
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): Voted roughly at 01:00
Playfield: Freelancer Home
Structure Name(s): Not applicable
Structure ID(s): Not applicable
How can we help you now: Bix fugs and give me my hard earned rewards

Just to add some Infos from the tool, since you did not give us much:

  • Time seems to be 01:07
  • You did recieve 1 Autominer Core and also 500 Gold at that time
  • 10 seconds later you used CoinToCr and lost the gold of course and got Credits for it.

@RexXxuS Anything missing?

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yes. A “please”

I found the leak in my code and fixed it to make it finally stable… I hope®

  1. Please

  2. When you edited my credit count you removed the interest from this morning, now I’m missing 2.5 million credits. Please fix! @RexXxuS

  3. Out of curiosity: What additional information should I have included? That I claimed my daily loot before I voted? @Jascha


I think he means that you stacked offline jobs in general and for now we only have the LIFO method mentioned here and there

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