Warning! Major Upcoming changes for RE Server!

Before I start I would like you to review this thread on forums. These are upcoming changes to Reforged.

You may at a glace be thinking “Oh this is for Reforged Galaxy Mod” But you may not realize Reforged Eden is a combination of Reforged Galaxy Mod and Project Eden Mod.

Major Changes affecting all players!

  • Quantum Limit! 10
  • Soft cap limits have been reduced from 24 to 12 for non-heavy turrets.
  • Legacy Disruptor Cannons now use the new Particle Beam method of combat. They’re very weak against shields but will rip a hole through an unshielded ship. Which means you either win with no damage, or you lose everything.

Other things you should read in above linked post.

  • Turret Rebalancing
  • Trading Overhaul
  • Shield Rebalancing Overhaul
  • Changes Balancing

This post is aimed at making people aware of massive game affecting changes. Be aware some things are subject to change by Rexxus when he gets a chance to review the changes.


To RE Developers, really this change is going to cause massive impact on the players who has invested many hours on this game collecting and trying to build their combat ships so they are capable of doing some adventure in this game, this change is REALLY going to make them leave the server, some of them are old players in the game and I am sure you know a lot of them, especially limiting the Quantum CPUs to 10!! How the players are supposed to make ships which can fight Dreadnoughts and Legacy with only 10Ex + 10LQ? even PVP cannot work with these amounts!!

please reconsider your decision, increase the limit to something reasonable, this is a friendly suggestion.


they don’t read much here. post on the official empyrion forums to get their attention.

reforged eden was not built for PvP. it’s designed to be a single-player/small co-op game. just look at the server name “99.99% PvE.” if u want an empyrion PVP experience that was designed for multiplay, NA&EU have been tailored for this over the last 6 years.