Warning system Failure

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Ship Captured by HWS with no warning at all

Player(s) with issue: Paxxo1985

Server: HWS EU

Time (cb:time): 14:14

Playfield: Iceworld

Structure Name(s): Project-Knight Me1.1

Structure ID(s): 7619935

How can we help you now: Check the alarm/warning system alert since i got Zero warnings Zero Sirens and got immediately caught. I have screenshots of all 5 tabs that prove that i did have zero alarms for being overclass at the time (1.50 Class 2)
I dont want refunds just for you to know


Any statement about this problem? Is solved?

Hello @Paxxo1985
sorry, Jascha being gone and I’m burned out I am slow right now…
About the alarms:
Looks good to me.

About the chat… don’t know. @Jascha has to check if the variables are maybe wrong with recent change.

check your Discord faction chat to know exactly always what is going on…

Overclass limit alarm seems is working properly now! Thanks
I will check proximity too!

Edit - Only the first warning will appear


I checked it and it looks alright. Not sure what this is about

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