WARNING to new players

I just wanted to help new players understand that when you join or create a “faction” in game atm, call it a “guild” if you will, that is the only game mechanic that recognizes friend from foe mechanically.

When you join an out-of-game “faction” (we will call these alignments) i.e Alliance, Pirate, Trader, Bounty Hunter “faction” this is a pure RP thing and is not recognized by the game mechanics.

Why is this important to understand? Because currently in-game you can shoot and destroy your friends totally on accident.

So for instance, say your in-game faction is called WE LOVE GAMES joins the out-of-game RP faction (alignment) Pirates who is made up of other in-game factions called DIRTY SCUM and HEARTBREAKERS, and you set up your automatic guns and defenses on your ships and bases to “attack other factions” you will actually shoot members of DIRTY SCUM and HEARTBREAKERS if they are within range of your defenses, even tho they are in your same alignment and are friendly towards you.

This goes in reverse as well, and maybe even more importantly. When you join an alignment (ALLIANCE, PIRATES, etc) keep in mind flying over your “friends” bases or near their ships in PvP zones they will absolutely shoot you if you are in range and they have their defenses active. Mechanically right now there is no method to set other in-game “factons” to friend or foe.

I am hopeful they add a system for that in the future as this would make situations like we have on this server where factions want to group to form coalitions or larger groups, to form up and support each other be able to do so without fear of “friendly fire” shall we say.

As of now in PvP areas steer clear of anything and everything that does not belong to you, unless you are ready and willing to engage it. Just something to be aware. Hopefully this helps everyone avoid ship losses, hard feelings, and rage quit.