Warp NA to EU


I’ve read the guides, but want to be absolutly sure.
I am on the the NA server right now, but want to go to the EU, because of the lower ping (live in EU)
I startet out on EU, but due to problems logging in, I went to NA and startet my “career” there, but I didn’t use the warp option to do that, so it means I have an identity on both servers.
Now, if I warp my NA identity to EU, will it overwrite the EU identity? Because that is what I want it to do.

Hope someone can answer :slight_smile:

Not completely. Your inventory/character will be overwritten, your blueprints will be lost, your RP and faction behavior is undefined (unless you are in the same faction on both servers, then RP is transferred), everything else is not transferred/overwriten (ocd/autominer/eb). At least the last time I checked it was that way.