Warp zone camping

Approx 1350 GMT this CV was camping the warzone area. This is in violation of your fairplay rules Nr. 2 - (s)3

Video Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-UguMghPqA [edited for incorrect link]

On a side note, after waiting 15 minutes to look at my intruder log, I have not been able to locate evidence of the pilot or faction. The only person signed in at the time with the name doc was [GPF] Doc the Cock. As I clearly cant evidence this with the malfuctioning intruder logs, I suspect you may be able to look up structure ownerships.

I returned moments later with an Armed CV, I was unable to locate this ship again.

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first of all good that you recorded and showed your windows clock on it.

Regarding this experience:
luck / coincidence / RNG god what ever you like to call it.

We have this rule because we know exactly if it is true or above:

In that case you just jumped both at the same time in the same location.
Doc used the time to look around and chase you. You used the time to type to him.
Guess you deactivated your turrets. Don’t know.

Anyways all legit here.


So that I understand clearly… does this not qualify as warp camping because we both arrived at the same time, or does it qualify as warp camping because as you indicated “he look around and chase you” (sic). He moved to engage me in a warp point. The fact I chose to type to him is irrelevant.

Hmm well, really guys, how shall Rexxus survey all possible warp camping ? Maybe if he is producing some clones in the cellar xd

“policeman” and “referee” are the two most unwanted jobs…out of a good reason. You can never make it perfect for everybody.

When i enter PVP space there are two variants

A) I enter with my 17k main battleship and enjoy fighting the camper
B) I enter with my 400 iron CV “HMS trashcan”… wont survive tbe first camper salvo…applause !

Hm not sure… you say you understand but still ask a question.
Well as you might have read:

Camping basically just means two main things:

  1. a Base is built in the warp in location
  2. he stayed there for longer than 3 minutes.

If he had been waiting at the warp point a certain amount of time before you arrive is I believe the definition of warp camping.

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I didnt say I understood, I said - So I understand… Lost in translation, whatever…

I wasnt there for longer then 3 minutes - but after viewing the screenshot further it appears he wasnt there for long either. Indicating to me he was probably just on his way somewhere.

I understand about building a base in the warpzone. I expect someone who is camping the warp point would be in the orbit for quite a while longer then the victim.

Thanks for helping me understand better everyone. :slight_smile:

Asking questions is fine.
Just didn’t know if I should answer then. There was no question mark.

Anyways yep, all good here. Both people just warped at the same time to say hello to each other. More or less.

You’re welcome.

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One of the tactics of the game is to wait in ECC or a Penthouse system where people leave ships and look which way they’re flying off to warp. If you can guess right (and you usually can) you can set your warp jump for the same place and chase them and attack. It is legit to camp warp flashes per the rules.

Get those full trader ships hauling goods around!

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