Warping fun?

Why is it every time I have to K-warp I want to stab my eyes with icepicks everytime I have to navigate the new 3D implementation of the systems? IMO its a terrible interface and a disaster when trying to warp somewhere while clicking on all the wrong destinations…

Just my 12 dollars…


I agree, buts I think its an Eleon thing rather than a HWS thing.

Oh I know, just curious on how the rest of the community is faring with this change.

As Fionn said…
But I spent quite a lot… lot of time in it creating the new universe and you get used to it after some time… in some ways it’s even faster than the previous 2D map.


  • CTRL + left mouse button click to the nearby orbit to “Lock Target” (warp to)
  • Press middle mouse button to go back to the playfield you are currently in
  • Press V to switch the camera to “top down view” (2D)
  • Make use of godmode navigation logic (press W, A, S, D, C, SPACE, Shift, Shift + CTRL)
  • You can click on those “hot links” to jump to their destination

But yeah, it’s different for sure

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Not criticizing your work, maybe I am too old for change and prefer the old 2D layout. Old people don’t like change. I’ll give it a shot, didn’t know the shortcuts you listed.


I agree. I do not like the new map. It is difficult to use. God mode may be useful but movement in godmode is horendus and so is movment in the map mode.

As posted by rex, I found pressing “V” made it a bit more user friendly

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