Warping not working

Warping from the admin tool only spins my character in a circle. I have tried all methods! Server is hosted on a dedicated machine, i am running the Admin tool on that machine, I have owner ID Set when I click Warp it does nothing but spin my character on my gaming machine in a circle. It makes it very hard to find lost items when warp is not working! If you can assist me in getting this working. My #1 reason for getting this tool, i would be more than willing to donate!


its a bug ingame. Devs will solve it with 6.0. Somehow with 5.5.1 they broke it.
Warp only works at the moment if you warp him on a nother playfield.
this is sad, since it means also the “warp out of pole” does not work :frowning:
At least not the one oingame. On relog the new feature “Warp out of pole on login” should work though.

Thanks for letting us know though

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aww, well thank you! At least i know it is broken. I look forward to that teleport feature!

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