Water genertors

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What happened:
=> Water Generators and Survival constructors disappeared

Player(s) with issue:
=> Shargett2 (SOU)

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> Not Sure

=> Freelance HQ

Structure Name(s):
=> Water Generators Survival constructors

Structure ID(s):
=> N/A

How can we help you now:
=> I Used most of my fuel in the water generators, and last all the items in the constructors. The constructors are not really significant. But As I understand it terrain wipes, which do remove generators occur on Fridays, but this happened on Sunday night/ Monday morning / day. I have placed more generators, but I was hoping to find out if it was a bug, or if the terrain is wiped daily.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

BTW I love the server. Can I make purchases with US dollars?

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Heya shargett2, welcome to the server!

You can use the command cb:nextwipe to see when terrian wipes on each playfield, and it is also in the planet info (press M).

If the playfield allows antigrief AND does not have a hard terrian wipe, you can put your water generators within your base’s land claim area and they will stay put through ‘soft’ terrain wipes. I run 100 water gens in this way. :slight_smile: Not sure if survival constructors will be the same, though.

I did my donations VIA paypal and there was automatic conversion to my currency (USD).

I hope that helps! If you need anything please let the community know!

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Have same issue with that stuff on EU server. They dissapered into not wipe period, but before they disappeared, I saw message from server. In that message aproxmetly told next thing: your water generator was removed because they stay to long without action

I’m not saying it’s the case, but those could have been removed days earlier. The game doesn’t give you the message until you get near where they were.

Hello @shargett2, @Singlas

this was my fault I think. I copied the Starter deposit wipes to the other PvE playfields.
Should not happen again.
I can’t verify how many Water Generators / Auto Miners you placed before but if it’s reasonable I can refund some if urgent.

Glad to hear you like our hard work @shargett2!

@imtimex helped you with your questions I see - thanks.

And btw. Patreon should convert it also automatically I think - just in case :wink:

No, it unnecessary, my situation happened, in last season

Thank you for your response. I will be good, I just wanted to be sure so that I wasn’t down to converting trees to fuel :slight_smile:

Awesome, now I can make fuel, and try to figure out the auto miner :slight_smile:

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