Weapon limits on HV's - guns?

I’m building a PVP HV - to no doubt be annihilated within a few seconds anyway - but in the HWS restriction guide for HV’s it only references a max of 6x gatling guns?

What are the HV limits for pulse lasers & rocket launchers? - I’m building on the assumption it will be the same as for SV’s (4 max of whatever front facing shooty thing) but maybe this needs to be updated/added to the guide?

Unless I missed it elsewhere (which is entirely possible!).

Angus the confused.

join the server and hit f3. float over each weapon to see their limits. some turrets are in the same block on a right click and count for that turret group. (ie minigun turrets are in the same limit group as 30mm cannon turrets)

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Thanks Bob!

Every day’s a school day!


Bloody hellz! Pro Tip 84! Thanks to Angus for asking and thanks for Bob for spilling the beans on this tip!