Weight and Volume

Having played with weight and volume for some time now I can definitely say that I really don’t like it and would like to see it go. But considering this is the path that our good friends at Eleon wish to go with the game I thought of a solution to make the system easier to work with.

The biggest issue I find is that you can not make a decent ship to match the stuff you want to carry, no matter how much thrust you place on your ship making it look ridiculous, you will overload it with something and be forced to find out what the culprit was. Or be forced to be jury rigging it ruining the pleasing build design.
To add to this issue new people come in and throw there belongings into a ship only to find they cant move. While vets can figure it out quickly this is a larger problem for the newer players. While some of you will just answer with ‘‘but you have an OCD’’ you have to remember you have to travel to the ECC until you have OCD 5 once again making it another issue for the new players.

My suggestion is to split weight and volume so that they don’t work together. Instead of having each items weight affect the ship (have it only affect your inventory weight), we could make it so that the cargo boxes, harvest boxes, ammo boxes and extensions all have an increased weight this way we are able to make sure our ship will have the correct amount of thrust at all times and the act of building it will dictate how fast it moves instead of how many items I might have in there.


I like it the way it is. If you load 5 Elephants on your Car you also have trouble to move it. And a little bit of realism isnt bad.

Its part of the Game and we should get used to it. Otherwise you could also get rid of fuel, because new Players dont find Promethium easy. Or make every Planet breathable, stop Aliens attacking us, etc…

I say we keep it, maybe its part of a future Update with automisation?

imo the problem right now is that the volumes on the containers are way too high… volumes need to be scaled down so that u couldn’t carry more than a certain weight in container…

another thing but eleon would need to do is somehow display a msg when in cockpit and ship is overloaded…

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I’m with snowman on this one, I don’t care for it. If this were 1/100th of any sense of reality you would be forced to carry around the portable constructor everywhere. In your hands no less, too big for your virtual non-existent backpack.

It’s either this or I want to see a space camel assistant for carrying your cargo.

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I agree, some weights are too high and overall not well balanced. Generally I transfer everything in my backpack. For example sv ammo, 135 mm rocket weight as much as 2 ls.charges. The usual loadout for svs is 2000-2500 rockets and 20 000-25 000 ls. charges so I carry half of the laser charges in my backpack so I don’t lose a major chunk of ship’s speed. And these are not the worst cases, 20 medium cv thrusters make my ship with very high thrust values unmovable, there is no point of moving heavy items in ship’s cargo.

As a reply to Whizzle’s comment:

If you load 5 Elephants on your Car you also have trouble to move it.

This is right, but while loading elephants in a car is a rare sight to say the least, transporting generators and other components is a common occasion in the game. Realism is good as long as it doesn’t get in the way of gameplay.

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Separating Volume from Mass is not possible.

The HWS Survey was in favor of Volume and with our HWS Config I think it is not that bad as Vanilla.
Still, it needs a lot of reblancing to make it more fun.

This is a very tricky claim. Because everyone seem to like a different gameplay. The fate of Empyrion and its tons of settings.
If they would be as restrictive as other games it would not even be a topic.
Giving humans a choice is not always the best for progress as science / studies has proofed many times :wink:

Anyways, I would overall appreciate if someone could make a nice table with

item name current mass current volume better mass better volume
Gold ingot 51 6 50 3


Ok, so lets take a different angle then. The container has a specific volume. Simply set the volume to reflect the weight.

For example, the biggest issue new people have is the fa:supply which gives them 999 armored concrete which has a mass of 2kton but has the volume of a bag of potato chips. Thus they load their fa:supply plus other items received into a cargo box then realize they cant move. When the culprit is the stack of concrete. Thus the whole stack of concrete shouldn’t even fit in the cargo box to begin with. Thus volume == weight. Large thrusters and t2 generators are huge items in terms of weight but again not in volume.

I agree with snowman, this just needs alittle balancing in the config.

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We need space camels. On a side note someone was looking forward to my needs by making a picture in advance.


What the hell :stuck_out_tongue:
Eleon said they might add space whales.
Let’s add camels as well xD.


Yes the survey was in favour of trying the volume and now I have, I don’t wish to try it any more which is why I made the post.
Normally I would be happy to make a table with all the info you need but that doesn’t fix the issues mentioned above. I assume that would have to be an eleon thing to get it fixed and being a pvper I doubt they would listen. I figured it would be worth a shot to try and find a middle ground.
People shout for realism in a game and then are happy to say ‘its just a game’ but for you Rex this game is a real income and therefore more then just a game. It would be nice if eleon treated it like that too.

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I think you actually nailed it right here. Because if you “unpacked” those 999 blocks, THAT is an enormous amount of volume. Just think of the size of something you can build with that! So to keep things somewhat on a realistic level, the container must molecularly shrink down those 999 blocks to be able to fit in a single storage slot in the cargo container. Similar to how ZIP shrinks down multiple computer files into a compacted smaller single file. If you can shrink down 999 concrete blocks into a single cargo box slot, why not also say the weight is also shrunk down to that of a single concrete block size? Would that not help solve the problem?

I haven’t played over the last season or two-busy with other things, but I’ve tried to somewhat keep up with the development of the game. I hope I’m not completely off on this. If I am, sorry to have wasted your time reading this…

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I like the idea of a zip drive to reduce weight in a vessel down to a manageable size. The trade off for being able to carry lots of stuff could be power - the more u carry the more power the zip drive needs to keep the stuff reduced. This means that you don’t need to redesign your vessels with tonnes of thrusters so you can carry stuff, just add a zip drive and keep your tanks topped up while you move things. This could even be tied to the pentax tank. It still embraces realism but gives those (myself included) who don’t like volume a workaround that doesn’t involve a major rebuild of the most common vessel we use…

This is a job for the transporter guys. :smiley: See… read here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transporter_(Star_Trek)

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Where is it that they said they may add space whales? Some kind of forum?

i just built a storage SV with a wireless adapter to dock to a CV. F4 is yo friend :slight_smile: