Welcome to HWS RE NA - our fourth HWS s

Good Evening HWS RE
I did it. I bought a new and fourth HWS dedicated server.
The specs and costs ($241 per month) can be seen here:

The total monthly HWS costs for software/hardware alone is now 1097€ or $1196.
Quite crazy… scary but you showed us your support you are willing to give, be it Patreon and/or the Support Packages and for that we are really thankful and reinvest this in hopefully more fun for you.

What does this all mean?

  1. Our American friends on their Island can enjoy a better ping soon :grin: (server location: Canada)
  2. With 2x 150 players, we can hold up to 300 total HWS RE players. Whenever we should hit this number, all of you get a special Cat Helmet ingame, I swear!
  3. CSW will be activated between HWS RE EU and HWS RE NA. Warp with your ships literally through time and space.
    With a different seed, the Universe, the content on NA will be a bit different. Apart from that it just means twice the content for you. 2x OCDs, 2x EBs, 2x HWS Marketplace, you get the idea.
  4. Whoever plans to switch permantently to the RE NA server, has to migrate their RE EU content themselves step by step. We don’t do that. There is a HWS Connect feature for Patrons to warp your OCD content to the other server with 1 click though, when all works out.
  5. Last but not least: when?! Depends on few technical changes. Latest around the weekend, I hope. I’ll announce it once it’s up and running again.

While all of that means more work for Jascha and me, we think this was the last puzzle piece to make the HWS Empyrion line up future ready and best for you, our great HWS Community!
We hope you have a great time here and wish you all the best.
Your HWS Team


This may be too complex/time consuming, but any chance of a one-time swap of things like bank and OCD levels (not contents) and unused support packages from RE EU to RE NA?

Welcome back @Fuzzy
nope, as written: it needs to be done by yourself.
The only temporary one time goodie I can do is an instant Level 25 boost.
ingame content wise.

Support Packages and HWS Features probably not right now at least. Big time investment.

what happens with actual HWS RE? do we have to save all our stuff after 13 May, or we can keep up play without any worries? i am a little bit confused of what to do before 13 May? if i am on actual HWS RE should do something before 13 May?

13 May is only for the Normal HWS EU/NA server with the HWS Scenario
So on HWS EU and NA there will be a wipe on 13 May.

The RE Server (EU and now also NA) will be wiped in its usual 3 month period, so… around middle of June. SO until then you dont have to do anything regarding RE…

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Assuming RE/NA will have the free Starter CV? And Will the crossover warp be active right away or will it come later?

Whoever does CSW, does not need the starter CV.

  1. you do a CSW on EU to NA
  2. you login to RE NA
  3. you choose an origin you wanna play, rest doesn’t matter
  4. after 1 minute you get warped away from starter, to the CSW playfield. Don’t even bother in doing anything while you wait for the CSW
  5. your EU stuff will be spawned