Well if this isnt proof of cheeting i dont know what to tell you

3 SWP CV´s attacked our base today in pvp. All over 50 devices. 2 of them they just crashed on the base but 1 waws flying around.

1: SS Brexit dropped over our base in the start.
2: CV Vostock - Gets warnings all the time and is flying around our base.
3: Next CV they crashed on our base is MELTY.

All these ships have over 50 devices.

sanchous, maxpashkov7, Z3NCOrZ, raiden and RemMak online.

Time for this is from 22:00 to 00:30 CET.

Its always fun to loose bases that takes days to build…when i am writing this the base is still standing but it is no meaning to fight with large CV overhead.

Zappe21 and the MAD team

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As soon as all the cv’s came in it lagged relly badly. hency the reason that you cut the amount of devices on the cv’s. in this case they did not listen and just jused them to take down bases even if they were having wrnings and lagging the planet hence stoppign out game

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This game will never be playable if SWP keep going against the rules and spoil the game for the rest of us. untill somone does something about swp building over limit im not going to play anymore as they spoil the game for me. gareth is now stck in a sv due to the lags of large sv’s. What is the point of paying for a game if you can’t play it as somone keeps lagging it for you. Its not worth paying for!

Wow looks like the last punishment of having their reputation points taken away, really made them think twice before breaking the rules(sarcasm). This will continue to happen unless they have an adequate punishment. There is a complaint atleast every two weeks about swp since ive been here. And yes i counted. Always doing questionable things or downright breaking the rules. And i have yet to see an adequate punishment

Raven pancaked swp and got prison. I expect to see the same here.

My faction were on the hunt all night and as much fun as it can be killing SWP, they have breached the rules, again.

Its the first time they’ve all been on in a while. The above instances show they break rules, plus later we went to Venus and took out one of the rule breaking CV’s.

see below

We did manage to kill them quite a lot MAD, probably no cosilation you took a hit…was messy at Venus.

I don’t usually get involved in this type of stuff, and SWP are good to have fight with…problem is rule breaking is not acceptable, and i’ve said before the larger factions and long term factions know better.

If they cant follow the rules how can you expect new people too?

I was all for the RP point wipe last time, didn’t want anything too harsh, but repeated disregard could potentially cause people to leave and stop new players joining the server. It has to be a statement here i believe.

Uploading… well lookie at this

If every member involved in this violation of rules does mot get similar prison time as raven did, i will lose all respect for the admins. This has got to stop. Rules are rules and similar actions should have similar reactions


MDA / MAD have high numbers, but we fight honourably. SWP have their own ways of fighting and its not honourable or even legit, they choose to fight in their own way.

Not even sure why i when’t to jail. I was told i brought a cap ship carcase, but the ship was fully armed. Then it was the running towards there base “aka making the base shoot itself” my other option is running towards the guns.

We just need to create a channel on discount like “SWP SPOTTINGS” they want to fight and despite the fact they are getting preferential treatment they do bring a certain flair to the server.

Lest see how the admins deals with this one.

may aswell create a forum link ‘what SWP have done this time’

I really enjoy playing the game, and when ppl ask for help MDA or MAD help as much as we can, last week SWP was fighting someone and I ran in and attacked SWP, the other person ran to their scv and warped out, them saved me happy, and managed to kill who-ever it was, it was a very good day :P. This fight was legit and i enjoyed it.

But when they attack a base they all muk in with large cv’s and ‘unfair’ tatics, and they just keep going.

When they fight one on one its good fun and no lagg, but when they all join, they create havoc and lagg due to their ships, and that not enjoyable, Andrea will not play the game now as she see’s it very unfair

That’s the kind of outcome we don’t want to see. When i first joined HWS, day 1…i played for a total of 15 mins before i was killed and thought, what a crap game for multiplayer! how am i supposed to do anything if i’m not even able to craft a Hover/SV. I left the server, 3 days later i thought to myself. 1 more chance, if the same happens that’s it for me. I mean Empyrion isn’t a push to kill game, you need time to get XP to level, get resources etc before you can even think about other players and killing.

So what happens when i log in the second time, i’m on earth, where i was before (PVP)…(no idea there were more options lol) I asked for help on chat cos i died str8 away…Bam MDA were like ok bud, CB:reset, come to Mars, we will get you on your way

Now this was specifically Andrea, After about 1 hour of me first stealing her ship, partially destroying her base (multitool) and just damn right noob behavior she still helped me out…spawned me a ship, gave me a T2 drill and Multi tool etc and was like…go be a pirate you fool.

At the time i never thought i’d still be here but that, plus the how awesome HWS with all the ‘added extra’ and admin commitment i’ve never looked back.

Long story short, I’d much prefer more people joining and new fights rather than old people ruin it for the majority. MDA and MAD have brought a lot of positive to the sever and i doubt anyone can really say a bad word against them?

If you guys stop playing what if the ‘new guy’ who asks the dumb questions doesn’t get a response from anyone? simple. they leave and never come back, how do i know…i was once that guy.

Good morning all,

this was no surprise, was it? As I introduced the 50 device rule I put a disclaimer on that only warnings can be done automatically. Later it will be better. And many people always came up in the chat with a warning. Almost every faction playing / living on PvP. So far so good.

But once again this time a war was done with a big decoy and other ships breaking the rule.
Thanks for the screenshot wall.

Some points from me:

  • we approved bases under water long ago. The difference to underground bases are you can destroy underwater bases. You just have to dive. It is a great way of defence on a PvP planet.
  • the five SWP players sanchous, maxpashkov7, Z3NCOrZ, raiden and RemMak went to prison to show the chics there their great skills of having big stuff
  • if they break out they getting banned
  • the five SWP players from above lost their Bank Credits as a repeated offense against the HWS judgement
  • they stay in prison for few days or can choose to pay all their RP from everyone to come out tomorrow
  • People could argue that a full wipe is coming soon anyways but we want to make clear that we really don’t want rule breakers
  • In 4.0 a lot of things will be better and hopefully less done manually since it is a lot of work for us to track

If you have questions or comments let me know.


example? do we get new deco or flora? ^^

I want my lawyer !!! :slight_smile:

haha drama time that dosen’t involve me :slight_smile:

Wihoo! bring on the popcorn.

Thank you Rexxxus.

I dont like people getting banned or repromanded, but MAD and especially MDA (Andrea mainly), well we all play the game and abide by the rules as close as possible.

Andrea from MDA now recently joined MAD has helped countless new players and… well… a star.

Seeing her quit the server as when SWP attacked, she was on the planet and now stranded there, I went there and unfortuately my game crashed, when I relogged back in she came to help me as much as possible amoungst the chaos, as I was really horribly stuck… she gave up helping as she was REALLY upset with SWP and their actions, last night we could not find an admin for help with several aspects.

regarding SWP, I know this faction stretches the rules and occasionally brakes them, this inturn upsets players who abide by the rules (closely as possible) as we are not all saints, but not abiding by the 50 device block count really does take the piss, I could ahve easily brought in my cv for the fight and thats 300 devices, but i know better and just sat back and watched andrea’s screen while being stuck xD.

I don’t know that if she would play on the server again, I hope she will as what would the new players do :stuck_out_tongue: .

People with over 900 hours playing time and who donate really dont want to see this action from an old faction who REALLY should know better despite being a pirate clan, they do fight fair…sometimes… but i cannot honor this action.

I really hope Andrea will come back to the server… (she gets upset easily), and seeing her hard work being destroyed by a faction who doesnt respect the server / admin. I am shockingly surprised they are not banned, but hey its just a game.

Please come back Andrea !! (lets have a poll!!, think of the new players)…

Peace… out…

And remark mate, you really should have known better mate being a long term player, I will never understand the actions on that day, and plus you have made a helpful player loose faith in the game let alone her resources.

lawyer mate… your lucky your not facing her firing squad, I will protect MDA and new players as much as I can…

So they can pay reputstion points which have no use currently? And then spend the next three weeks gaining more before 4.0. I applaud the prison but wtf is with this lol. This is a “i put you in prison guys but dont worry. I made it so you can get out easy” its a appease the community and appease swp tactic. Youve already taken their rep points so this is garbage. They stay in the full term you gave them. There is no get out of jail free card. This isnt monopoly