What about limit the number of H2O2 Generators for each player?

I dont know if it is possible server wise but I would like to see a limited number os H2O2 Generators in each player. This small tweak could offer a better balance on game play such as:

  • Increase the importance and price of energy;
  • Increase the importance of O2: we all know those million bottles of O2 worth nothing;
  • Energy and travel efficiency play a role on the game;

Share your thoughts :slight_smile:

1: The price of energy is irrelevant here. People would just use large cells again once they run out of hydrogen.
2: O2 will remain useless until we can pressurize an area, or use them for something else. One run of a hydrogen generator gives you enough O2 for one player to chill in space for a week non stop
3: See comment 1

One benefit that may or may not come from this in reality, would be a reduction in bugs due to placeables, but those are few and far between as is.

And, since they are placeables with faction access, it would have to be limited to faction. Granted, 1 person having 50 gens could be seen as excessive, but if that one person is harvesting the gens for 4 other people, that’s only 10 gens per person, which is what we all start with for autominer cores.

You make a good point here. I say that now, as it is, Large Cells are irrelevant (as O2) since the amount of energy per unit is far greater on Fuel Cells . Limiting Hidro production must be in a way that both have their own value.

The inherent limit to hydro is that it takes time to empty them, and you can get a max of ~300 in a run of a hydrogen generator without emptying. This is both why fusions are not the only fuel used, and the reason why you see so many generators. A better solution may be a compromise, a limit to the number of generators for performance sake, and a generator that only gathers hydrogen.
As for which are used, my faction uses Fusion in auto miners and combat cv’s ONLY. Everything else uses large cells. The reason for this is we get more promethium than we do hydrogen to process it into fusion. If the numbers lined up, we would use only fusion

Unless your tiny and use a macro to empty 100 of them xD

You still have to deal with 5-6 stacks of o2 per generator.


or… a novel idea…

Hydrogen Geneators gives only… guess what… Hydrogen!!!

Reason folks place 40 gens is two fold:

  1. slow as hell, half the time its pushign out O2 which we all have millions of and just destroy, so 50% hydrogen production rates

  2. it stops producing when full… so expecting eveyone to log in every 12 hours to purge O2 or production comes to a halt is stupid. Once a day is about as much as i want to visit my hydrogen farm… i do have a life ya know

SIMPLE SOLUTION: Put a check box on the menu labeled… “PURGE O2” and folks can pick… or as i mentioned above… have it ONLY make Hydrogen…

/end rant

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I’ll rub my 2 cents together here.
I have none down at this current time but normally place between 50 and 70 this is for a couple of factors.
A). I use it in everything the fuel ratio is much larger using fusion the promethium cells. This allows me to spend let time producing fuel and running around fueling everything I need to fuel
B). I provide small amounts of fusion cells in the starter packs that I had out, also the svs hand hvs I hand out are fueled with fusion to make things last longer for new players so fuel consumption is not rated highly on their list when they start.
C). Alot of the time with helping new players I reside on the guardian starter planet and fusion makes for a great product to place on the market, goes for a decent price and can be in high demand.
I’m not sure of the overall performance impact this would have on the server but when I’m on auxilio surrounded by other players CV’s/sv’s and HV’s along with everything else in that area and with the large number of generators I don’t experience major lag or other issues.
But do like the idea of a extractor solely for hydrogen or atleast a reduction to the 02 that is produced from O2/hydrogen gens

Maybe start with water having 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen. Also allow water jugs to be turned into hydrogen and oxygen in the constructor.

Then remove the H2o2 And o2 gens from the game


Great idea, but in fact we only need the water generator, which we currently have, but with more slots and a higher water generation rate, and eliminate the O2 and H2 / O2 generators from the game and let the advanced construction do the rest , But separately put what to make of the water, if I only want O2 to make the O2 bottles and discard the hydrogen, if I want only hydrogen, I order to make only the bottles of hydrogen, but if you are both at the same time, The conversion rate has that according to the molecule of the water, two parts of hydrogen for a part of oxygen, as would occur in a molecular breakdown …

I can see really great ideas however I wanted to discuss some improvements / changes that can be made in the server side and not on development side.

The problem is there is no solution that can be done server side besides a hydrogen AM.