What about T.E.A.M. future?

I got some level 3 certificates but I’m not sure how to use them in this season.


So I wanna know couple of things. Will they be available in the next season or will they be wiped? Same question about VIP levels. Also maybe I should keep it for now for more interesting upcoming rewards?

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I would imagine they will be wiped buy as much as you can too store in your ocd

Tokens will not be able to be stored im afraid, T.E.A.M is changing with the next HWS update to try and improve areas and make things also less prone to bugs due to game mechanics.

This is the first season of T.E.A.M so i will look over things that have worked, haven’t worked and look at what is best going forward but currently no storing of rewards, progress so spend them while you can!

OK, thx for the answer!