What does it cost? Marketplace Items

Ever get tired of trying to figure out a price for commonly crafted items ie: Cores, Steel plates, Combat blocks, ect. Just to make sure you’re not selling the items below the cost of current ore prices while still trying to make a profit for your time.

Well today I put together a small spreadsheet to help make that a little easier. You can enter in whatever the current ingot prices are and it will adjust the prices for the common crafted items that ares sold on the marketplace.

Prices are just based on the amount of ingots required to make the item, I did not figure in crafting time. Just thought this might be helpful to figure out pricing on crafted items. Let me know what you guys think.

The document is in Google sheets



Noooo… I was making a good profit off nooobs… Please do not do the math, just buy it on the market for 2 to 17x the value :slight_smile: Be lazy please. I need to support my summer house and my 5th Ferrari HV in a different color and my 18 year old girlfriend from Thailand…


Just Tom trying to lower marketplace prices some more :stuck_out_tongue:

Sooooo you say these are current market prices, do you mean this is currently what YOU are selling them for? because otherwise that is a wildly inaccurate statement. The only ingots you are remotely close to current average price ( yes even including your own sales) is Iron. As of yesterday it was averaging about 4.3-4.6 based on the information gathered from recent tab, and excluding zero cost faction transfers. Others, most noticeably sathium, you are posting a price that is about half of what the actual average is, for sathium is is about a third! If you are running the same numbers as I am, I would love to see your data. As it is, even with the broken amount of ores that are given by autominers, if a noob tries to sell at your prices they will wind up spending a long time gathering the resource, only to sell it (albeit quickly) at a fraction of what they could. End result, only large groups actually do the mining, because it takes either large numbers of people, or multiple accounts to mine the amount you are posting for the prices you quote and make it worth the trip.

I see now what you were aiming for, and that is to use this to calculate up the cost of processed goods. And for that it is phenomenal. Pair it with an accurate an updating reflection of market prices (for example the one that I have maintained ever since 4.0) and it is a helluva tool. I apologize.

Do want to thank you for updating it with your numbers. I was hoping you would, as it seems you have quite a bit of data collected. My cheap prices was just more for my entertainment than anything else.

Only being able to have 10 active offers made it a real chore at selling ingots that cheap and with the lack of interest in the HWS connect marketplace has made it really hard selling mass amounts of ore.I love the HWS marketplace, but the only downside is no one really uses it. Still have over a million bars listed for next to nothing and have not sold any in two weeks.

Now I am just looking for other was to dispose of my inventory. With that being said, I do have some good news for you Mcprouty, I am pulling out of the ore market and just going to just sell reactor cores. For anyone wondering why reactor cores, Just 50 of them will take 20 minutes off factory blueprint time, a stack 6 hours 45min.

That makes perfect sense. Ya we get around the 10 limit primarily by having each member post up what is to be sold, and having people who want specific things always post up a want.To be honest that is why I never really worried about the discrepancy between your prices and the rest, you can sell all day, but at a certain point if its just you posting, you are going to move 3 times the product, and get about the same amount of profit as we do daily by selecting prices carefully.
If you want to expand your spreadsheet to include Promethium ore, I can keep the ore prices up to date if you like. Furthermore, like you said, you do not take into account processing time for your calculations. My formula has generated the average premium that people are willing to pay for processed vs raw goods. If you add an additional Column for a % of 20 added on to the raw ore price, and another column with about 36%, you will get the two numbers that I quote sometimes when people ask about how much something costs. :slight_smile:

The spreadsheet must have minimum and maximum value and a graph. That way you can very accurately calculate when to sell/buy/resell. It’s a lot of work though and not probably not worth the time.

You are right, when talking about market resale. But if you just mined a lot of resources, or are looking for something specific, it does give you a starting point for cost, rather than just guessing and either losing money, or not having something not sell at all.

If you just follow the regular market prices you usually make a decent profit already. They are all too high (for refined components).

The problem is other people undercutting you by like 0.01% and then you lose 5-10k market fee… Nothing you can do about it. Someone tries to sell 100 autominers for 1200 each. Then someone else sells them for 1195. You lose 12k fee.
Well you can minimize your losses by selling smaller batches.

Ya, smaller batches are definitely an option. you will never see me post a single sell order up for more than 10k for that reason. Also, I’ve found that a time of more than 2 days is an often overlooked option. The default 2 hours will actually serve to weed out the junk offers pretty quickly, and leave the ones where people offered something and thought about it for more than 2 seconds. To be honest though, you are right. Processed goods can get an insane markup on the market, if it is what people are looking for. This comes into play more for tools, weapons, and to a lesser extend ammo.

Tomcat is there a way to protect the cost values but have me able to edit, or make a similar protected range? Just so people can have somewhere to go to see the values I have, while knowing that they arent just the last edit of an Anonymous Beaver lol.
I don’t want to share my numbers completely, as the system is actually a lil bit of intellectual property, and a lot of meaningless data to those who are just looking for an overall average.