What does Virtual mean in the marketplace?

I was told virtual meant you could buy or sell from any terminal, but when I went to sell something from the wanted tab in the market place at guardian starter, all the virtual items were gone. So what does virtual really mean?

I found what you could do is press tab buy the virtual item then use the terminal to collect it after, but this was at elemental market place so not sure if it works by the starter locations aswell :smiley: let me know if it works.

Virtual can be claimed from anywhere. Note that I said claimed not picked up. If you looked away from the terminal, and accessed the market from tab, you would have seen them again. Once claimed, they should be able to be picked up at any terminal.
Virtual happens when someone sells to a market that wipes. Rather than eliminate the item (like it did at first) it puts it into this special category.

ahh so its best to set sell orders on a thursday night :smiley:

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Yup sell just before a wipe in starter system if you happen to be near. Another reason to return to starter system.

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